Confirmation at the Cathedral on June 2, 2018.
Confirmation at the Cathedral on June 2, 2018.
Confirmation at the Cathedral on June 2, 2018.
Confirmation at the Cathedral on June 2, 2018.
Confirmation at the Cathedral on June 2, 2018.

Worship Schedule

7:30 AM Morning Prayer
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:00 AM Healing Service & Holy Eucharist with interactive Scripture Conversation

Monday through Friday
7:00 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel

Christ Church

Mailing address:
Christ Church New Brighton
76 Franklin Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
Phone: 718-727-6100
Fax: 718-727-6101 
Email: Fr. Trevor R. Babb+
Email: Parish Administrator

This Sunday

This Sunday is The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost.

The liturgical color is green.

Gody Play, Rite 13 and J2A will not meet on Sunday.  Classes resume in September.

Childcare begins at 9:45 a.m. in the nursery.

Server Schedule

Sunday, June 24:

Altar Guild

Kathy Galvez, Elizabeth Gattullo, Christine Szcepanick, Sheila Swigert

Flower Guild

8am Server Rich Whaley
8am Lectors Michael & Vincent Edwards
Greeter Siaber Zayzay
Ushers Sheila Hewitt, Claire James, Evangelina Colucci
Lector Sheila Hewitt
Epistoler Lisa Rhoades
Intercessor Rita McGough
Crucifer Richard Zayzay
Eucharistic Minister Victor Stanwick
Acolytes Zahra Cooper, Jude Crewe
Verger Hueldine Webb
Counters Kirstin Swanson-Basso, Andrea Morse-Raff
Coffee Hour Host Graduation Sunday

Reflections From the Rector

It's Our Youth...
In Mission and On Mission

In my first month on the job here at Christ Church, I was handed this call by our Parish Administrator, Cathy Romano, and the person on the other end was asking of us to host about sixty (60) young persons who were taking their Mission trip in June 2018 and wanted a place to lay their heads at night. Being new, I consulted both my Senior and Junior Wardens as to this possibility, but in my heart, I wanted to say YES from the very outset because it fit with our Mission and Core Values. The then Junior Warden, who is now Senior Warden, Victor Stanwick, responded quickly that we had done something similar in the past. That was good enough for me and when I got the same confirmation from the Senior Warden at the time, Willie Black III, it was a GO!

The planning to receive the youth and their chaperones from Rio Hondo Prep School, Arcadia, California started to be incarnated and in November of 2017, the organizers of the trip, Rev. and Mrs. Christopher Horton, visited Christ Church to review the space and sign a contract of intent.

On June 12, 2018 just after 9:00 pm, the group arrived and took up residence with us from 06/12 to 06/16. The trip included many tours of the City. What was very impressive for me about these young people and their leaders was their rich and deep faith in Jesus and the passion with which they displayed such commitment to Jesus in worship and in service. I spoke to the group on Wednesday, June 13th and among the many things I said to them was that "given the climate of our nation with violence in schools, churches and the world at large, the leadership of the emerging New World will be upon their shoulders.  As such, the experience of being "In mission" is a building block for that future opportunity."

Below is a photo of the group after worship on June 13th: These are the youth "In Mission..."

On Monday, I was invited to the 5th Grade  graduation of one of our members, Jude Crewe.  I was honored to be there in the hot and humid, but welcoming, environs of PS 65 for this special occasion. However, on being there, I soon realized it was not only Jude, but four of our other young people on the graduation list. They are all now on a mission to complete their academics and to be productive citizens of the world.  Meeting and greeting these proud graduates and their parents filled me with pride, joy and hope for the future.  The graduates from PS 65 are:

Jude Crewe
Kit Gerney
Eva Gross
Charlie Nygard
Anthony Williams

Here are a few pictures of PS 65 graduates:


Anthony Williams & Charlie Nygard on a mission for Success!

Jude Crewe striding with the confidence that his mission to be a veterinarian will be a reality!


Fr. revor & Eva Gross - Eva received a special award for her depth of reading.


Kit Gerney stepping with pride and ready for the next step...

Let us all be proud of our youth and all that they are accomplishing as they stay "On a mission" to be the leaders and decision makers of the future. Cheers for our youth "In Mission and On a Mission!"

The Rev. Trevor R. Babb+

Read Bishop Dietshe's Letter on the olicy of Separating Families.

Listen to Fr. Babb's Easter Day sermon here.

'Click here for pictures of Fr. Trevor's Institution Ceremony

New Rug for the Parish House

A generous gift of $2,000 was given by an anonymous donor towards replacing the carpet in the Parish House. An additional generous donation of $1,000 was received on Sunday, May 20th. We are grateful for such gifts. The cost of replacing the carpet is $4,900. We would be most appreciative for any other gifts to defray the additional cost of $1,900. Donations can be dropped in the jar during Coffee Hour or speak to Alleida Mitchell. Thank you!

Our Graduates

Congratulations to our Graduates!  Join us this Sunday, June 24th to celebrate with them at worship and Coffee Hour.

Graduates: Please wear your caps and gowns to church for the celebration.

Elementary School Graduates:
Preston Aghailas
Jude Crewe
Vincent Edwards
Kit Gerney
Victoria Gilbert
Eva Gross
Luke Larimer
Charlie Nygard
Chase Rogers
Anthony Williams
Natalie Wynter

High School Graduates:
Brianna Cooper
Kimara (Kiki) Jean-Mary

College Graduates:
Malik Archer
Eva-Marie Black

NYC Police Academy:

Sydney McIntosh

Men and Matters

Thank you to those who attended the Men & Matters conversation on Saturday, June 16th.  Many projects were identified to be done. Special thank you to Anthony Colucci and Robert Long for accepting the role of coordinating the beginnings of a men's ministry at Christ Church.  Stay tuned... more to follow.

Thursday Morning Eucharist

Our Thursday morning Eucharist at 11:00 a.m. will be suspended for the summer. We will resume again after Labor Day.

Sunday Morning Bible Discussion

Sunday Morning Bible Discussion
11:30 in the Vestry Room
All are welcomed.

Christ Church Tee Shirts

Christ Church T-shirts are available for sale on Sunday at coffee hour for $5 each. Various sizes available.

Youth Choir CDs

Christ Church Community Youth Choir have recorded some of their best work from their 2017-18 season.  CD's are available at coffee hour for $10 each or 2 for $15. If you would like us to make a mail order, please send checks to: Christ Church New Brighton and place Youth Choir CDs in the memo. We will mail as many copies of the cd as you need. These CDs are great for family gifts.

Payer Ministry & Devotional Bible Study

Prayer Ministry and Devotional Bible Study
meets on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in the Vestry Room. All are welcome to attend.

Our mission:

To provide a time of spiritual fellowship to be inspired and renewed through prayer, Scripture and devotion as we offer our praise and intercessions to the Lord.

Conference Call

The Thursday evening conference call Bible Study will resume in September.

Christian Formation Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for Godly Play, Rite 13 and J2A classes which will begin again in September. We need teachers and door monitors. Anyone interested, please call the church office at 718-727-6100.

Formation of UBE Chapter in Staten Island

Currently, there are no Union of Black Episcopalian (UBE) chapters on Staten Island. UBE is an affiliate organization of the Episcopal Church whose mission is social justice and reconciliation. As the past Regional Director for the Mid-West Region, Fr. Trevor+ is interested in working with anyone to create a chapter here. Membership is open to people of all races, ethnicity and culture. We need 10 or more to begin a chapter. Call the office at 718 727 6100 if you are interested.

Christ Church Prayer List

The following individuals have requested our prayers: Judy Ballard, Cara Berton, Shirley Black, Aaron Britton, Jacob Brown, Julita Brozinski, Ahsen Chowdhury, Marcia Clendenen, Sandra Cocks, Ines Colbourne, Bai David, Satta Dempster, Zee Dempster, Ruth DiToro, Marlene Elia, Henry Freeman, Miatta Freeman-Roberts, Belem Garcia, Nellie H. Gibson, Persia Gilkes, Christine Gross & Family, Fr. Jerry Keucher, Malu Kollie, Trish Mackey, William Marcus, Janet Massa, Brian McGlynn, Lori McLean, Fran Milauskas, David Ramos, Linda Reiersen, Marilyn Robertson, Joyce Rowan, Barnett Shepherd, Henrietta Smith, Marie Smith, Joseph Spielman, Debbie Stuhlman, Mary Thompson, Aurelia Thorpe, Lady Tombekai, Jehu Wright, Martha Wright, Marsha Wynter, Barbara Yatsevitch, Jerome Zachs and Connor. 

The Prayer List is intended to uphold and encourage those who are in need of healing prayers.  If persons have been fully recovered and no longer need to be lifted up in this way, please let us know so that we can make room for others.
We give thanks to God for the following individuals who are celebrating their Birthdays this week: Matthew Mazziotti (24), Joyce Rowan (25), Anthony Colucci (28), Evelise Leila Hutton (28), Gregory Brown (29), James Massa (29), Leslie Thompson (29).

The Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Edith Cecero.  We pray for the repose of the soul of Enrique McKinney.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church of the Nigeria and The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh.

In the Diocese of New York, we pray for +Michael our Presiding Bishop, + Andrew, + Allen, and + Mary, our Bishops; Trevor + our Rector, and the Diocesan LGBT Concerns Committee.