Last week 16 Episcopal youth gathered at Christ Church for the Richmond Inter Parish Council Youth Lock In. Youth from 5 parishes on Staten Island and one from White Plains were in attendance.
Our young people played games and enjoyed each other's fellowship
After a service of Compline they "slept" in the parish hall and got up to make breakfast.
Many thanks to our youth leaders who planned the event, handled logistics, provided food, entertainment and spiritual content, and tried their best to sleep through the teenage night chatter!

Worship Schedule

7:30 AM Morning Prayer
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:00 AM Healing Service & Holy Eucharist with interactive Scripture Conversation

Monday through Friday
7:00 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel

Christ Church

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Christ Church New Brighton
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This is the Sixth Sunday of Easter. The liturgical color is white.

There will be no Godly Play and Rite 13 classes this Sunday.

Childcare begins at 9:45 a.m. in the nursery.

I Want to Help

Use the Donate button (above) to make donations to Christ Church to help us in our ministries to the community. You can also use this button to pay for tickets to various events or to make your weekly pledge payments. Yes, that's right—you can now keep up your pledge amount without even leaving the comfort of your home!

Server Schedule

Sunday, May 26:

Altar Guild

Elizabeth Gattullo, Christine Szczepanick, Kathy Galvez

8am Server Karen Johnson
8am Lector Karen Johnson
Ushers Connie Black
Lector Hueldine Webb
Epistoler Charlotte Hewitt
Intercessor Sheila Hewitt
Crucifer Eva Gross
LEM Bill Sherman
Acolytes Jude Crewe, Kai Mackey
Verger Paul Smith
Counters Kirstin Swanson-Basso, Nadrea Morse-Raff
Coffee Hour Renate Johnson

From the Rector's Desk

Opera, Arias, and Spirituals

What is an Opera?
"An opera is a staged drama set to music in its entirety, made up of vocal pieces with instrumental accompaniment and usually with orchestral overtures and interludes. In some operas the music is continuous throughout an act; in others it is broken up into discrete pieces, or "numbers," separated either by recitative singing (a dramatic type of singing that approaches speech) or by spoken dialogue." Excerpt from Wikipedia.

What is an Aria?
"An aria is a piece of music for one voice (or occasionally two voices) in an opera, oratorio, or cantata. In contrast with recitative singing, arias are melodious; in contrast with ordinary songs, arias are usually elaborate." Excerpt from Dictionary.Com

What are Spirituals?
"Spirituals are religious songs that were originated by African Americans. Most
of the spirituals date back to slavery days. The songs were sung by the slaves
as a way to put hope into their lives." Excerpt from Webster Dictionary

This is the repertoire enjoyed by those who attended the recent concert presented by OPERA EXPOSURES (about 50 persons). Opera Exposures specializes in presenting concerts and building audiences in nontraditional venues.

From the Opera - La Bohème they sang O Soave Fanciulla, which was followed by Arias which included Libiamo, and some moving Spirituals that are some of my favorites - Deep River and He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.

It was a great evening, where we celebrated the range and depth of these talented African American professionals. As Edna Greenwich, Founder/Director of Opera Exposure reminded us, "Opera is for Everyone!"

Special thanks to all the participants and sponsors who made this presentation possible.

The Rev. Trevor R. Babb+

Easter Sunday Sermon from Fr. Trevor+

Second Sunday of Easter Sermon from Fr. Trevor+


Memorial Fund for Alayne and Victoria Gilbert

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Johanna Gilbert's daughters, Alayne and Victoria Gilbert. If you would like to contribute, please Click Here.

Welcome Father Mark!

Welcome to Fr. Mark Brown who will be celebrant and preacher for May 26th and June 02 while Fr. Trevor+ and Marcella are on a one week vacation.

Thursday Eucharist

There will be no Eucharist on Thursday, May 30th, 2019. However, the organ recital will still be done at 11:30 am. This will be followed by light snacks and conversation in the Guild Room. Please make an effort to attend. Services resume on June 06, 2019 at 11:00am.

Episcopal Charities

If you have not made your donations to Episcopal Charities, there is still time. Please collect an envelope at the Usher's desk and give generously. Your donations will help support 46 parish-affiliated feeding organization throughout the Diocese of New York serving more than 7.4 million meals this year. $500.00 buys the food for 370 hot meals, $250 fill bags of groceries for 44 families, $100 provide the food for 59 brown bag lunches, $50 buy 87 pounds of apples, bananas and other fresh fruits.

Christ Church Book Club

The third session of the Christ Church Book Club will be held on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Guild Room. The group will discuss Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language by David Crystal, 2011. In both a scholarly and entertaining manner, Crystal addresses these questions: How extensive has biblical influences been in shaping the character of modern English? Just how many expressions of biblical origin are part of present day idiom? and how many of these show the specific influence of the King James translation, 1611?

It is not necessary to read the book to participate in the discussion. A light supper will be served and we will "eat, drink, and be merry." Please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the hall bulletin board.

Altar Guild Members Needed

The Altar Guild of Christ Church seeks additional volunteers to join its ranks. There are four teams (one for each Sunday of the month) which do cleaning, polishing and setting up for services (on either Friday or saturday morning, depending on the team) as well as clearing and washing up after Sunday services. Please see David Michael Wood, Altar Guild Directress, on Sunday or contact him at (718) 816-5831 or to become a part of the Altar Guild Ministry.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that the Legislature of the State of New York are planning to decriminalize Sex Trafficking with the myth that it will be safer for those in the sex trade? More on this in my article for next week.
  • Did you know that our knitting ministry made, blankets, mittens, booties, and baby coocoons to be given to Fathers for Father's day 2019? More on this wonderful outreach ministry in an upcoming e-update.
  • Did you know that the planets revolve around the sun and not the earth? This theory was developed by Nicolaus Copernicus and expanded by Johannes Kelper which initially very controversial and rejected by the Church. This work has now become the groundwork for modern astronomy. Born in the 16th and 17th centuries these men were light-years ahead of their time. Their Feast Day is today, May 23rd - numbered among the saints.
  • Did you know that harpsicords are not mini versions of pianos?

We Need Your Stuff for the Spring Fair, June 8

Please bring donations for the White Elephant to the church starting May 12. You can leave them at the bottom of the auditorium stairs or bring them to the top landing. We also need plants for the Plant Sale (drop off outdoors near the cloister between the Parish Hall and Rectory), and both baked goods and books for the Book Café. You can drop off books at any time near the bookshelves. We also need some organizers and sales persons for the White Elephant. Please talk to Sheila Hewitt or Susan Fowler (917 734-3746) if you'd like to find out more.

Have You Ever Wanted to Play the Organ? Try it at the Christ Church Spring Fair, June 8

Rev. Anthony Mark Lamourt, music director and organist, and Rev. Trevor R. Babb, rector, invite all musicians who'd like to try their hands (and feet) on a pipe organ to play at the first annual Open Console event during the Christ Church New Brighton Spring Fair, Saturday, June 8, at 76 Franklin Ave.

The Christ Church organ is a 1903 Austin organ, rebuilt in 1947 by M. P. Möller, with a three-manual stop-key console (three keyboards with stops). Musicians can play a song of their choosing for 15 to 20 minutes and can invite others to sing with them.

Please call 718 727-6100 or email to reserve a slot.

School Supplies

School supplies are needed for EES/EHS in Liberia

The Episcopal Elementary School and the Episcopal High School that Christ Church sponsors in Liberia is in need of school supplies for their students. So when you are shopping for our children's back to school supplies, please purchase some extra items to be sent to the EES & EHS School in Liberia.

Needed items are:

Loose leaf paper
Notebooks (composition, one subject, 5 subject)
Reading books for all ages

For more information, please contact Bill Sherman.

Sunday Morning Bible Discussion

Please note: There will be Bible Discussion Forum this Sunday in the Vestry Room. All are welcomed.

Christ Church Prayer List

The following individuals have requested our prayers: Fatu Barnes, The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, Marcia Clendenen, Sandra Cocks, Harvey Cohen, Ines Colbourne, Edward Craig, Eugene Deluca, Marlene Elia, Rev. Dr. Abner Flowers, Lee Ann Gattullo, Sandra Giambalvo, Darlene Gray, Tea Rose Hill, Anne Johnson, Trish Mackey, William Marcus, Janet Massa, Eva McClary, Alissa McGinley, Brian McGlynn, Andrea McIntosh, Utopia Mennoh, Olivia Rey, Donna Seese, Kevin Skinner, Aline Smith, Ashley Smith, Henrietta Smith, Marie Smith, Joseph Speilman, Mary Thompson, Marsha Wynter, Barbara Yatsevitch, The people of St. Vincent's Girls' Home, the congregations of St. Mary Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and Greater Union Baptist Church in Louisiana which were recently burned, and the people of France, in light of the Notre Dame fire. We also pray for the people of Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings on Easter Sunday.

The Prayer List is intended to uphold and encourage those who are in need of healing prayers. If persons have been fully recovered and no longer need to be lifted up in this way, please let us know so that we can make room for others. If you need a loved one or friend to remain on the list, please call the parish office. Thank you!

We pray for Kirstin Swanson-Basso, now in the process as a Postulant for Ordination to the Priesthood.
We pray for The Rt. Rev. Andrew Dietsche on sabbatical as he and Mrs. Dietsche explore historic buildings and places in Spain and Germany.

We give thanks to God for the following individuals who are celebrating their Birthdays this week:Marcella Y. Babb (28), Kimani Bratton (28), Roxanne Ingoe (28), Fidel ZayZay (30), Dick Riley (31), Cesar Gardiner (31).

We give thanks to God for those celebrating their Wedding Anniversaries this week: Scott and Arryn Samarisi (26); Leighton and Marsha Wynter (28).

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for (Saint Augustine/Anglican Communion Sunday). Pray for all members of the Anglican Communion around the world. For the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev'd. Justin Welby, and all Primates and Bishops. For members of the Anglican Consultative Council. For the Secretary General, The Most Rev'd. Dr. Josiah Idowu-Fearon, for the staff at the Anglican Communion Office in London and the UN offices in Geneva and New York.

In the Diocese of New York, we pray for + Michael our Presiding Bishop, + Andrew, + Allen, and + Mary, our Bishops; Trevor + our Rector, and Trustees of the Diocese, Diocesan Council, Rural & Migrant Ministry, St. Andrew's Church, Manhattan, St. John's Church, Staten Island, Ascension Day and Church of the Ascension, Manhattan, The Visitation, Church of the Ascension, Mount Vernon.