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7:30 AM Morning Prayer
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:00 AM Healing Service & Holy Eucharist with interactive Scripture Conversation

Monday through Friday
7:00 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel

Christ Church

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Christ Church New Brighton
76 Franklin Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
Phone: 718-727-6100
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Email: Fr. Trevor R. Babb+
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This Sunday

This Sunday is The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

The liturgical color is green.

Gody Play, Rite 13 and J2A will not meet on Sunday.  Classes resume in September.

Childcare begins at 9:45 a.m. in the nursery.

I Want to Help

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Server Schedule

Sunday, August 12:

Altar Guild

Christine Gross, Roxanne Ingoe, Mary Larimer

Flower Guild

Nick Lettiere

8am Server Nancy Reiersen-Scromo
8am Lectors Nancy Reiersen-Scromo
Greeter David Wood
Ushers John Gerney, Greer Gerney, Kathy Galvez
Lector David Wood.
Epistoler Brianna Cooper
Intercessor Sheila Hewitt
Crucifer Richard Zayzay
Eucharistic Minister Lisa Rhoades
Acolytes Jude Crewe, Zahra Cooper
Verger Paul Smith
Counters Kathy & Arnold Galvez, Sheila Swigert
Coffee Hour Host

Reflections From the Rector

The Feast of Saint Mary the Virgin
Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ

This Feast Day is celebrated on August 15th each year. As the book, Holy Women, Holy Men - Celebrating the Saints puts it, "The honor paid to Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, goes back to the earliest days of the Church. Two Gospels tell of the manner of Christ's birth, and the familiar Christmas story testifies to the Church's conviction that He was born of a virgin. In Luke's Gospel, we catch a brief glimpse of Jesus' upbringing at Nazareth, when the child was wholly in the care of His mother and His foster-father, Joseph...

Mary was the person closest to Jesus in His most impressionable years, and the words of the Magnificat, as well as her humble acceptance of the divine will, bear more than an accidental resemblance to the Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount."

Mary's words as expressed in the Magnificat are particularly potent and radical for her day and time when women were regarded as nobodies and of an inferior class. However, her prophetic words that "... all generations shall call me blessed..." rings true even today as we honor her as theotokos - Mother of God!

One admirable quality about Mary that has always drawn me to her is not her humility, her devotion or her faithfulness - all very important - but her courage in the face of what must have been a very difficult time in her life. Her unrelenting courage must be a source of inspiration for all who in our day suffer the ills of discrimination, isolation, gossip and dehumanizing experiences. There is no doubt that we all need courage for the living of these days in a political environment filled with language and actions that demean and disparage all of us, but especially women.

May there be always a little Mary in us when we need courage. Courage to speak for the vulnerable; courage to stay humble when arrogance seems to be the "in thing"; courage to be faithful to our God whose promise is always to be with us, even to the end of ages. Like Mary, "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior." Amen!

The Rev. Trevor R. Babb+

Read Bishop Dietshe's Letter on the Policy of Separating Families.

Listen to Fr. Babb's Easter Day sermon here.

'Click here for pictures of Fr. Trevor's Institution Ceremony

Lisa & the Pilgrims

Below is an excerpt from Episcopal New Yorker, Summer 2018, Article written by Lisa Rhoades

Please see the copy on the bulletin board if you would like to read the article in its entirety.

I woke up June 26, 2017 to several texts and calls from France... "Where are you? Your drivers are at the gate."  But we were still in New York, due to travel later that day and arrive at Charles De Gaulle the following morning.  Somehow, I had managed to book our airport car service for the day before our arrival.  The trip was broken before we had even left!  I called the company and was politely reminded of their no refund policy.  The drivers had been dispatched.  The drivers were at the airport as we spoke.  I cried.  I begged.  I spoke to supervisors, I got disconnected.  I called again. I said we are pilgrims. And the conversation changed.  And though I can't be certain, I do believe the phrase, we are pilgrims, is the reason the service got rescheduled and we weren't charged a re-booking fee.  As miracles go, I suppose one could argue about whether this counts, but I suggest that before you lead a group of teenagers on pilgrimage, you expand you definition of the word miracle to include blessings both large and small. ..

I have seen how God can influence all his people no matter where you are.  Our pilgrimage made us want to see our parish share God far from home and close to home.  We hope our pilgrimage helps us to be closer to our community and to Christians in other places.  We don't have to cross an ocean to feel closer to God.

Pain--bumps, bruises, scratches... you name it, I got it in France.  My pain represented the hardship pilgrims endure on their journey. The stress of a new location, the emotional pain of being away from home, and the ache from long hours of travel. If the church is the body of Christ, pilgrims are the feet... walking long distances day in and day out.

I realized the closeness that people who share faith can have despite barriers.  In the Basilica of the Bois-Chenu a women attempted to explain the murals to us, and even when she realized we didn't speak French, she still tried to communicate with us. This showed me how faith can bring people together, and ultimately has brought me closer to my own church.

This pilgrimage brought up questions--could I lead an army at age 14 like Joan?  Would I persist in declaring my belief to an unjust system promising release for a lie?  Our youth group walked into her church and into her house and we realized how close we are to her. She lived right next to her church.  When the bell rank (which it does every hour) it was the only sound you could hear. I'm 14, I'm testing my faith and I'm closer to Joan of Arc than I let on.

On buses and trains, through conversations and sleep deprived mornings, by seeing basilicas that within their beautiful architecture hold love, devotion, and stories, the group had, I think, a shift in perspective and a greater connection to spirituality.  The loudest among us has moments of quiet and the quietest among us had moments of fearless expression.

Anyone who takes for granted the comfort their church offers should attend a pilgrimage.  It helps you see how fortunate you are to have people who care around you.  Because of this experience I see myself going on pilgrimages on my own in the future.

What pilgrimage did for me was increase my faith in God by being closer to Joan of Arc.  I had heard her story but was different to be where she was martyred.  When the bells in Domremy rang, I felt the power of God that she felt.  This brought the power of her faith in God into my heart and mind.


The Sacrament of Baptism will be administered on Sunday, September 16th. We will have a Baptism clinic on Saturday, September 15th at 1:00 p.m. for all those wishing to be baptized. All persons desiring to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, please make an appointment with Father Trevor+ on or before September 1st.

St. Nick's Fair

Special thanks to Sheila Hewitt who has agreed to serve as our St. Nick's Fair Chairperson.  Planning needs to begin right away to make the fair a success. Please see Sheila if you are able to help with this event.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour hosts/hostesses are needed for Sundays in July, August and September.  

To sign up, please write your name and phone number on the Coffee Hour calendar, which is on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall or contact Sheila Hewitt at 718-447-8049.

Thursday Morning Eucharist

Our Thursday morning Eucharist at 11:00 a.m. will be suspended for the summer. We will resume again after Labor Day.

Sunday Morning Bible Discussion

Sunday Morning Bible Discussion
11:30 in the Vestry Room
All are welcomed.

Projects in the Works

This summer we are working on several upgrades and repairs to the Christ Church property.  They are:

1.  Re-carpeting of church offices.
2.  Re-carpeting of Parish House hallways.
3.  Repair and repainting of cloister between Rectory 
     and Parish House.
4.  Replacement of malfunctioning security system.

Wherever possible, volunteers are helping to complete these projects. 

Our special thanks to those who have donated generous gifts to offset the cost of these projects.

Payer Ministry & Devotional Bible Study

Prayer Ministry and Devotional Bible Study
meets on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in the Vestry Room. All are welcome to attend.

Our mission:

To provide a time of spiritual fellowship to be inspired and renewed through prayer, Scripture and devotion as we offer our praise and intercessions to the Lord.

Conference Call

The Thursday evening conference call Bible Study will resume in September.

Christian Formation Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for Godly Play, Rite 13 and J2A classes, which will begin again in September. We need teachers and door monitors. Anyone interested, please call the church office at 718-727-6100.

Formation of UBE Chapter in Staten Island

Currently, there are no Union of Black Episcopalian (UBE) chapters on Staten Island. UBE is an affiliate organization of the Episcopal Church whose mission is social justice and reconciliation. As the past Regional Director for the Mid-West Region, Fr. Trevor+ is interested in working with anyone to create a chapter here. Membership is open to people of all races, ethnicity and culture. We need 10 or more to begin a chapter. Call the office at 718 727 6100 if you are interested.

Christ Church Prayer List

The following individuals have requested our prayers: Iroyin Abiodun, Judy Ballard, Cara Berton, Shirley Black, Aaron Britton, Jacob Brown, Julita Brozinski, Lori Campbell, Ahsen Chowdhury, Marcia Clendenen, Sandra Cocks, Esther Codio, Ines Colbourne, Lucy & Amanda Collado, Bai David, Anna DelPriore, Satta Dempster, Zee Dempster, Marlene Elia, Lucia Falnbulleh, Henry Freeman, Miatta Freeman-Roberts, Lee Ann Gattullo, Belem Garcia, Sandra Giambalvo, Nellie H. Gibson, Darlene Gray, Christine Gross & Family, Kula Kamora-Benjamin, Fr. Jerry Keucher, Malu Kollie, Trish Mackey, William Marcus, Janet Massa, Brian McGlynn, Fran Milauskas, Mabassi Paasewe-Totiment, David Ramos, Linda Reiersen, Marilyn Robertson, Joyce Rowan, Conrad Schneider, Paul Schneider, Bertha Sherman-Walker, Henrietta Smith,  Joseph Spielman, Debbie Stuhlman, Mary Thompson, Aurelia Thorpe, Lady Tombekai, Jehu Wright, Martha Wright, Marsha Wynter, Barbara Yatsevitch, and Connor .

The Prayer List is intended to uphold and encourage those who are in need of healing prayers.  If persons have been fully recovered and no longer need to be lifted up in this way, please let us know so that we can make room for others.
We will be editing the prayer-list in the next week. If you need a loved one or friend to remain on the list, please call the office and speak to Cathy Romano, Parish Administrator. Thank you!

We give thanks to God for the following individuals who are celebrating their Birthdays this week: Luke Larimer (21), Yassah Zayzay (24), Beth McLean (25).   We give thanks to God for those celebrating their Wedding Anniversary this week: Dick Riley & Marcia Clendenen (23), Patrick & Lindsay Hyland (25).

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church of South India and The Most Rev. Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen.

In the Diocese of New York, we pray for +Michael our Presiding Bishop, + Andrew, + Allen, and + Mary, our Bishops; Trevor + our Rector, and for a shared understanding of our common life.