list of psalmsWe offer our prayers for: Marcella Babb, Gregory Brown, Deborah Broome, Jennifer Brumskine, Martha Catul, Rosa Carisino, David Clark, Marcia Clendenen, Sandra Cocks, Iris Colbourne, Laura & Mark Craig, Kylon Craig, Vincent Cresci, Carnetta & Athelridge Cumberbatch, Marlene Elia, Adriana Erazo, Garfield Evans, Fred Fausak, Anna Galvez, Denyse Gonzales, Ivan Harewood, Marion Hamblin, Emelia Jaime, Jan, Mark, Tom & Joy, Anthony Fulton, Sr., Colenthia Hunter, Jebbeh Jagaba, Eva McClary, Willie Marcus, Quinzel Mayers, The McIntosh Family, Kevin & Nathan Meighan, Dudley Menzies, Margie Moore, Mary Nucci, Saint Maurice Phillips, Linda Pinnock, Cherise Richards, Jason Rivera, Joyce Rowan, Huguette Sauer, Barnett Shepherd, Bendu Sherman, Candy Tice, Mother Rhoda, Carol Tysen, Tonisia Williams-Sealy, Larry Stroud, Peggy Wilkerson, Marsha Wynter, and the people of St. Vincent's Girls' Home.

We lift up in thanksgiving Christine Szczepanik who is celebrating her birthday this week.

We pray for Kirstin Swanson-Basso and David Barr in their journeys towards ordination.

We thank you for our own continued good health and prosperity and we pray for the repose of the souls of Keondre Adams, Ronald Bell, Shirley Elfers, Emma & Daniel Lettiere, and all the faithful departed.











O Morning Star, bright splendor of the light eternal, illumining all things with your radiance: Come, enlighten all who sit in darkness, and those who dwell in the shadow of violence and death. Grant us your peace, and teach us to live in the dawn of your unfailing promise.


Jim Friedrich

We hold before you those who are homeless and cold especially in the coming winter weather. Draw near and comfort them in spirit and bless those who work to provide them with shelter, food and friendship.


Victor Stankiewicz