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Clergy Corner
Spring Fair
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Honoring Father Schraplau
Vestry Notes
Vacation Bible School at Christ Church!
Car Wash on June 8th
Tour of Historical Houses on Saturday, June 29
From the Parish Register
Daisy Troop at Christ Church
Used Clothing Collection
Around the Parish
Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture
Clergy Corner
The Rev. Charles H. Howell, Rector of Christ Church New BrightonEvery Friday my dad, who is also a priest, would come home from the office, eat his lunch, and take a nap.  After his nap, he would sit at his desk and write his sermon.  He always said that the time spent napping was time well spent.  He would awake from his nap refreshed and, in some mysterious way, his vague sermon ideas would have come into focus.

I view summer kind of like my father's Friday nap:  Outwardly it looks like nothing is going on, but a lot is happening behind the scenes and below the surface.  Summer is a great time to do some thought-work and preparation for the beginning of the program year in the fall.  Here are some long-range things I plan to work on this summer:

  • I'm exploring an online Christian education curriculum for adults.  Participants can read the assignment, do homework, and interact with each other online, and the class can gather weekly, say on Sunday morning, to talk face-to-face and discuss the readings and assignments.
  • The Bishop is coming to Christ Church on December 15 (save the date), so we will have adults and children to be confirmed and received into the Episcopal Church.  I will be preparing those classes this summer as well as something for newcomers and for first Communion.  If you or someone in your family are interested in being confirmed or received, please speak to me.
  • As we continue to receive your pledges to the Enhance the Legacy capital campaign, we are moving forward with the Tower repair and renovation project.  Our architects at Lichten Craig Associates have completed the schematic design and development phase of the project, and hope to complete them this summer, and then submit them to the Department of Buildings this fall. If all goes according to schedule, and we are awarded the grants we have applied for, we hope to begin work in the spring of 2014.
  • The money awarded for our afternoon arts enrichment program – the Christ Church Community Youth Choir and the Christ Church Community Youth Drummers – is coming to an end.  Grants for additional funding are in progress, but more work needs to be done to ensure the program's future.
  • The Evangelism Committee is reorganizing, and I hope to find some resources that will involve the whole parish, not just the committee, in spreading the word about the good things that are happening at Christ Church and welcoming new members into our community.
  • And, of course, summer is a great time for reading and reflection.  I have whole stack of books I can't wait to get to.

      The summer at Christ Church will be quieter than the program year, with fewer meetings and scheduled activities, but lot will be going on in that quiet space to organize and prepare for the fall.

Fr. Chuck

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Spring Fair
Spring Fair 2013
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
Staten Island YankeesChrist Church Day with the Staten Island Yankees

DATE:   Sunday, June 23, 2013

TIME:   4 p.m.

COST:   $22.00

All You Can Eat!!!

Sheila Hewitt will be selling tickets during the Sunday morning Coffee Hour

A fun day for the entire family!

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Honoring Father Schraplau
The Rev. Fred SchraplauThe Rev. Frederick Schraplau is retiring as rector of St. Alban's Church in Eltingville.

Everyone is invited to a Mass to celebrate his ministry on Sunday, June 30 at noon at St. Alban's.  Those who would like to attend a luncheon at the Staaten at 2:00 p.m. the same day should call the Parish Office of St. Alban's at 718-984-7756.  

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Vestry Notes
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Vestry of Christ Church New Brighton took place on Monday, May 13, 2013.  Following are highlights of what took place that evening:

Treasurer's Report

  • Dorothy Thompson's reported that negative  balances need to be addressed in the Parish House budget line  and the Christ Church Community Outreach line

Plant & Equipment Committee

  • The Vestry approved the payment of $1600 to  J.H. & C.S. Odell for the Memorandum of Agreement for one year for Pipe Organ Service, and $2800 to County Tree Service for necessary tree trimming and removal from the Rectory backyard. 
  • Preliminary drawings of the first-floor Rectory bathroom have been prepared.  Plans to improve the lighting of the choir stalls are being explored.

Worship & Liturgy Committee

  • The Pet Blessing set for October 5 could possibly take place at a pet store as well as at church.  June 16 will be the last choir Sunday before its summer recess.  There will be two baptisms on the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday, May 19.

2014 Parish Calendar

  • Willie Black Jr. and Richard Zayzay will soon schedule a meeting of all interested persons for the purpose of discussing the 2014 Parish Calendar.

New Business

Standing Committee Approvals

  • The Vestry approved the personnel of the Finance Committee and the Plant & Equipment Committee.  The Finance Committee, chaired by Mark Gherzo, includes Willie Black Jr., Willie Black III, Nick Dowen, Nick Lettiere, Ron Mazzucco, Beth McLean, David Nygard, Barnett Shepherd, Dorothy Thompson, and Richard Zayzay. 
  • The Plant & Equipment Committee, chaired by Richard S. Whaley, includes Willie Black Jr., Nick Dowen, Tony Colucci, Susan Fowler, Elizabeth Gattullo, Mark Gherzo, Marshall Green, Beth McLean, Valerie Quinlan, Peter Raff, Barnett Shepherd, Kirstin Swanson-Basso, and Victor Stanwick.

 Furniture Donation

  • The Vestry approved the donation of furniture donated by Albert Alfieri which will be placed in the Vestry Room.

Rector's Report

  • Allen Barnett, Chief of Finance and Operations, Episcopal Diocese of New York, recently met at our church with the Rector, Dorothy Thompson, Treasurer and Mark Gherzo Finance Committee Chairperson.  Mr. Barnett approves of the five percent draw down or less from our parish endowment, managed by PEMS, the Parish Endowment Management Service of our diocese and says our investments have grown since being invested with PEMS.  He also commended Dorothy Thompson for her excellent work as parish treasurer.
  • There is a Diocesan Roof Fund which some of our income could be invested in and there may also be a Diocesan Boiler Fund.
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Vacation Bible School at Christ Church!
Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong forGod.This summer Christ Church will be hosting its very first Vacation Bible School, a week-long Christian education program especially designed for our younger children. 

The theme of this year's program, which will take place at Christ Church from August 19 to August 23, from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon each day,  is called "Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong for God."

Christina Noel and Betsy Kalfa will be coordinating the program this year and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They are also looking for volunteers to help out that week and would love to hear from you.

Cost of the program is $30 per child and scholarships are available.  Registrations can be made by calling the parish office at 718-727-6100.

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Car Wash on June 8th
car washOn Saturday, June 8 the J2A members will hold a Car Wash in the morning at the Spring Fair.  In the afternoon, Junior Girl Scout Troop 5189 will be washing cars.

Please stop by and drive home in a sparkling clean car.

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Tour of Historical Houses on Saturday, June 29
On Saturday, June 29 our own Barnett Shepherd will conduct a "progressive dinner tour" of three historic homes on the North Shore of Staten Island:

4:30 p.m. - Cocktails will be served outdoors on the patio of 66 Harvard Avenue (the home of parishioner, David Seeley)

1 Pendleton Place6 p.m. - Dinner will be served in the garden of One Pendleton Place (the home of Fr. John Walsted and Fr. Jerry Keucher)

7:35 p.m. - Dessert will be served in the Christ Church Rectory

The menu will offer a choice of Hueldine Webb's baked chicken and her famous carrots and pineapple with ginger sauce or Joyce Rowan's flounder filet a la moutarde, oven roasted potatoes, green beans with pearl onions and green salad.

Cost for this event is $50 per person. All proceeds will go to support Christ Church and its outreach programs.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn more about these historic houses from a well-known Staten Island historian, in addition to dining some of the best local cuisine on Staten Island. To make your reservations, or for further information, please contact the Parish Office at 718-727-6100 or speak with Barnett Shepherd or Alleida Mitchell. 

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From the Parish Register
June Birthdays

4 – Christopher John Brown; 4 – William Marcus; 6 – Arryn Samarisi; 8 – Richard Whaley; 9 – Kristin Parrish; 10 – Brian Basso; 10 – Sean McLean; 11 - Kit Gerney;  12- Anne Beveridge; 13 – Peter Raff; 15 – Claire James, Charles McLean III, Richard Zayzay; 16 – Romeo Zayzay; 18 – Eleanor Larimer, Laila Modzelewski; 19 – Annalbella Colucci;  22 – Elizabeth Gattullo; 24 – Matthew Mazziotti; 25 – Elizabeth Howell; 25 – Joyce Rowan; 28  Evelise Leila Hutton; 29 – Leslie Thompson, Gregory Brown; 30 – Togba Porte

June Anniversaries

2 – Matro & Kristin Parrish; 8 – Joseph Ambroggi & Dorothy Thompson; 16 – Roxanne Ingoe & John Gerney; 17 – Peter & Dorothy Sipp; 17 – Richard & Yassah Zayzay;  20 – Robert & Christina Mantz; 23 – J.P. & Stephanie Sipp; 27 –Edward & Kim Davis Sorge

July Birthdays

5 – Monette McIntosh; 8 – Isabella Rhea Massey; 10 –Williette Thompson; 13 – Brian McLean; 14 – Togba Porte II; 15 – Nick Lettiere, Bonnie Nygard; 16 – Carol Brown, Ryan Johnson; 17 – Marigold Daley Green, Gabriel Noel; 18 – Keith Eppinger; 18 – Justin Hazelwood; 19 – Sydney George; 21 –Matilda James Sipp; 22 – Charlotte Hewitt; 23 – Sheila Swigert; 24 – Matthew Mazziotti; 25 – Cora Gross; 26 – Ann Sohm, Barnett Shepherd; 27 – Sydney McIntosh, Evelyn Hernandez;  29 – Thomas Eppinger; 30 – Titus Zayzay

July Anniversaries

30 – Constance & Willie Black III;

August Birthdays

2- Edward Schneider; 3- Joseph Ambroggi; 4 – Theresa Gilman, Edwin John; 5 – Jane Sharif, Victoria Noel; 8 – Kevin Larimer; 10 – John Watson; 12 – Anne Devlin; 13 – Erin Rose eBasso; 15 – Joseph Zayzay;  21 – Luke Larimer; 24 – Yassah Zayzay, Robert Hayes; 25 – Elizabeth McLean, Laura Mazzucco-Gambino; 28 – David Nygard;  30 – Troy Richards;

August Anniversaries

9 – Edward & Laura Craig; 15 – Charles & Elizabeth McLean, Jay & Ginny Spadaro; 20 – Nick & Nancy Lettiere; 20 – Martin & Christina Noel; 23 – Dick Riley & Marcia Clendenen;  30 – Clyve Hutton & Evelyn Hernandez; 31 – John & Christine Szczepanik

If your special day is not in our records, call the Parish Office at 727-6100 so it can be added. 

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Daisy Troop at Christ Church
Daisy TroopWe are hoping to start a Daisy troop at Christ Church for Church for Pre-K and kindergarten age young ladies.

If you are interested in having your child be a part of the Troop, or possibly being part of the program, please speak with Alleida Mitchell or Fr. Howell.

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Used Clothing Collection
Used Clothing Collection
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Around the Parish
This will be our last issue before our "summer break." There is much to report, so let's get started.

Nick and Nancy Lettiere have asked to share the good news about their sons, Daniel and Nicholas. There's a lot going on at the Lettiere household these days. For the past few years Daniel has been living in New England since his graduation from Worcester Poly Tech where he earned his engineering degree. He currently lives in Rhode Island with his girlfriend, Amanda, and  is employed by LFI, a company that manufactures medical devices.

Their youngest son, Nicholas, will be graduating from McKee High School in June after four years on the high honor roll and will be attending SUNY IT in Utica, NY where he will be studying mechanical engineering.  Nicholas is a member of Skills USA, a national Honor Society, and in a recent New York State competition placed third for technical design.

Jane and Hassan Sharif  are also very proud parents. Their daughter, Laila Modzelewski who graduates this month  from Touro College with a Master's Degree in Education. As many of you are aware, Laila has been involved with our outreach programs  and her husband, Larry, is a teacher in our J2A Youth Program.

In addition to her many talents, our own Beth McLean coaches a tennis team at Curtis High School. Last month her team won the city championship at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadow, Queens. Congrats to Beth and her talented team of athletes!

Congratulations and best wishes to our High School graduates: Malik Archer, Eva-Marie Black, Amber James, Kidert Jean-Mary, Everett Johnson, Daniel Lettiere, Sydney McIntosh and Evelyn Zayzay.

Last month we were saddened by the passing of long-time parishioner, Mary Boody. She will be sorely missed.

This will be our last issue of the Tower Chimes until September. If you do have something that you'd like to include in that issue please feel free to e-mail me at or leave a note in the Tower Chimes mailbox in the Parish Office.

Best wishes to you all for a restful and enjoyable summer.

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Staten Island Communinty Supported Agriculture
As many of you are aware, Christ Church is a participant in the Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture group (SICSA) which gathers here on Saturday mornings to pick up their supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The SICSA recently won a Citizens Committee Neighborhood Grant of $2,725 that pays for five shares for people who use SNAP (food stamps). Christ Church is the fiscal conduit for the SICSA as well as the host for the weekly distribution.

Staten Island Community Supported AgricultureNormally,  the CSA requires everyone to pay $545 upfront, in April, so that the farmer can plant his crops for the upcoming season. People using food stamps aren't allowed to prorate, and in any case, the maximum SNAP benefit only comes to about $323 for a family of four. So, this grant allows people who can only afford to pay weekly or every two weeks (with or without SNAP) to join the CSA.

As the season goes on, people can pay back the church using their SNAP benefits. By the end of the season we hope to have the five shares repaid so that the money is available for next year. The grant becomes a "revolving fund" rather than being used entirely in one season.

We have a few SNAP people signed up already but we can accept a few more. The season is 22 weeks, and the cost per week for a full share is $24.78 per week. Interested parties can split a share and then the cost is only $12.39 per week. All of the vegetables are organic.

People who want to join can sign up on the Staten Island CSA website and select "Food Stamps/SNAP" under payment options. They will need to pay the $10 management at the first pick-up – management fees cannot be paid using SNAP funds.

An officer from the CSA will be in touch with all parties who register for the program before the season begins on June 12.

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