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Clergy Corner
Holy Week and Easter at Christ Church
Bake Sale for the Carpenter's Kids Program
Vestry Notes
Christ Church Community Drummers
Island-Wide Youth Group Event
Nancy Beveridge: A Life Well Lived
Trio les Amies at Christ Church
From the Parish Register
Fundraising Events and Social Activities for 2012
Prayer List
Christ Church Community Youth Choir Welcomes Anthony Turner
Education Committee Events
Around the Parish
Clergy Corner
The Rev. Charles H. Howell, Rector of Christ Church New BrightonAt our annual meeting in January, Milissa Else of Ruotolo Associates made a presentation about the results of a capital campaign feasibility study conducted by her firm at Christ Church. The study was comprised of an in-pew survey, group interviews, and personal interviews. Milissa found a great deal of enthusiasm for a capital campaign and a surprisingly high number of people who want to work on the campaign. Based on the results of the feasibility study and Milissa's recommendation, the Vestry decided to move forward with a capital campaign.

I am pleased to announce that we have now formed our capital campaign committee. Shirely Elfers has agreed to be the honorary chairperson; Barnett Shepherd is the chairperson, and Mark Gherzo and Hueldine Webb will assist him as co-chairs. In addition, nineteen people have agreed to serve on the campaign committee and another six have agreed to assist although they are unable to attend committee meetings. I am pleased that so many are willing to help with the campaign, and I think it bodes well for its success and speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and good spirit here at Christ Church.

In the weeks ahead, you will be hearing more about the capital campaign as its goals are refined and articulated and as we begin to seek support. We hope that in addition to support from our congregation, we will also receive support from community groups which share our buildings and from various foundations and granting agencies but, of course, Christ Church parishioners must take the lead.

Raising money to complete the work necessary to preserve the buildings we all love is important, of course. But more important is the opportunity this capital campaign gives our parish for renewal. This is an opportunity for each of us to think deeply about what Christ Church means to us, our families, and our community and how we can support its work.

In this Easter season of rebirth and renewal, we have this special opportunity more fully to live into our mission to be a community of worship, love, and service.

Faithfully yours, 

Fr. Chuck

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Holy Week and Easter at Christ Church
Here is the schedule for Holy Week and Easter services at Christ Church. We hope you?ll be able to take part in each of these services.
Sunday, April 1 — Palm Sunday
Procession of the Palms and reading of the Passion Gospel at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
Thursday, April 5 — Maundy Thursday
The Holy Eucharist with washing of feet and stripping of the altar at 7:30 p.m. There will be a lamb supper after the service, followed by Compline and a vigil at the Altar of Repose.
April 6 — Good Friday
Three-hour service at St. Mary's Church beginning at noon. Children's Good Friday service at Christ Church at 4 p.m. The Good Friday Liturgy with the Solemn Collects, the adoration of the Cross and Communion from the Reserved Sacrament at 7:30 p.m.
Easter Sunday, April 8
The Holy Eucharist at 8 a.m. Choral Festival Holy Eucharist with flowering of the Cross, the Godly Play choir, and choir and congregation singing Handel?s Hallelujah Chorus. A reception in the auditorium and Easter egg hunt on the lawn following the 10 a.m. service.
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Bake Sale for the Carpenter's Kids Program

On Sunday, March 25, Christ Church will be hosting a bake sale during coffee hour to raise money for the Carpenter?s Kids, a program we?ve been contributing to for five years.

Through the annual bake sale, as well as through individual donations of $67 each, we make it possible for twenty-four children, orphans of the AIDS epidemic in Tanzania, to attend school for a full year.

The Carpenter's Kids Program logoThe $67 pays for the essentials?uniform, socks, shoes, soap, school supplies, and breakfast. It also gives one child in need the chance to improve his or her life through a solid education, which in turn enriches the community, on both a local and global level.

Donating to the Carpenter's Kids gives us a gift, too?the opportunity to remind ourselves, and our children, about the value of a dollar, the importance of education, and the significance to our faith of taking care of each other, especially those in need.

Please show your support for the Carpenter?s Kids program by donating baked goods for the bake sale, by purchasing the goodies our parishioners worked so hard to prepare, and by considering donating $67 to support a child in need.

All baked goods should be left on the designated table in the coffee-hour room before church. Checks for $67 may be made out to Christ Church, with Carpenter's Kids in the memo. For further information, please call Mary Larimer (718) 285-4936.

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Vestry Notes
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Vestry of Christ Church New Brighton took place on Monday, March 12, 2012. The following are highlights of what was discussed that evening:

Committee Reports

Plant & Equipment

  • The committee is investigating the installation of clear Plexiglas panels to create windows in the existing Godly Play classroom doors.
  • The Sacristy roof is missing slate shingles and its repair is an urgent priority. The roof?s poor condition is probably the reason for the leak in the corridor that leads from the Sacristy into the church.


  • The British Brunch raised approximately $1800; the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper $668; and the Fish Supper $775.

Churchwardens' Reports

  • Willie Black Jr. announced a meeting of all counters to be held after church on March 25.
  • Elizabeth Gattullo stated that she is available to listen to concerns that parishioners may bring to her.

Deacon's Report

  • The Christ Church Drummers played at a Black History Month event at St. John?s Church, Rosebank.
  • The Christ Church Community Youth Choir will sing at a concert at St. Alban?s Church, Eltingville, on Sunday, May 20.

Rector's Report

  • The exterior masonry work on the Parish House is scheduled to be completed by April 1. This will be followed by a walk-through by Barry Donaldson, architect of Lichten-Craig, and Marshall Green to ensure that all work is up to standard.
  • Staten Island Community Days, scheduled for this April, is a time when religious organizations are encouraged to undertake community projects. Suggestions for Christ Church participation in this event are under consideration.
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Christ Church Community Drummers
drum graphic imageOn Saturday, March 3, 2012, the Christ Church Community Youth Drummers performed for at the Black History celebration sponsored by St John's Episcopal Church. They shared the bill with the Praise Dancers of the Staten Island Temple of the Arts and our City Council member, Debi Rose. The group performed two numbers, "Amazing Grace" and ?St. Thomas", a classic Caribbean tune.

There is still room in the group if you have an interested student in grades 4 through 10, please contact Deacon Swanson at

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Island-Wide Youth Group Event
barbeque graphicRepresentatives of the ten Episcopal churches on Staten Island got together in February at St. Alban?s Church to begin planning some youth group events for all the parishes on Staten Island.

Our first event will be a softball game and cookout in the spring, at a date to be determined, at St. Alban?s Church.

The next planning meeting will be Sunday, April 15, 2:00 p.m. at Christ Church. If you are interesting in attending, please speak to Fr. Chuck.

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Nancy Beveridge
A life well lived
(Last month, we lost a dear friend and long-time parishioner, Nancy Beveridge. With the permission of her family we have reprinted this loving tribute given by her son, William, which truly captures the spirit of this wonderful woman.)

Mom, I have decided to give you a Life Well-Lived Report Card.

Before I do that I would like to thank my sisters - Beth, Peg and Anne - for taking such great care of Mom and Dad over all these many days.

There is a tradition at Curtis High School where if you make the grade, upon graduation, your name is placed on the permanent honor roll. The school has large, framed, permanent honor roll banners mounted on the walls outside of the auditorium. Well, on the board for the class of 1942, emblazoned in gold print, is the name Anne Aungier. This was mom?s name back then. I am mentioning this because Mom was always humble in her remarks about her academic achievements and intellectual pursuits. When she arrived at Cornell as a freshman (acceptance being no easy task even in 1942, I am sure) she decided that her new classmates were more gifted intellectually than she was. Yet as the years went by at Cornell she excelled in her chosen studies and those new acquaintances, who were so intimidating in the beginning, became dear and close lifelong friends who cherished her lively mind and the thoughts that came from it.

And so it was that after raising her family she decided to try teaching, a profession where if you want to survive and thrive it is best to have a quick mind and the ability to use it. Mom was a natural! In no time at all she was one of the most sought after kindergarten teachers at P.S. 40 and later P.S. 23. Her principal at P.S. 23 was the legendary Mel Selznick. He spoke at my father?s retirement. Upon reaching the podium he let the audience know that yes, he was there out of respect for my dad (who was a great teacher in his own right) but, he was going to start by honoring Nancy Beveridge. And honor her he did.

You receive an A+ for the Career Category of Life up there in heaven, Mom.

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My parents would have celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary this May. Top that, folks! Their wedding almost didn?t happen because of an anxious moment created by mom?s father. The story goes that my grandfather told her on the night before the wedding she was throwing her life away; marrying dad was a big mistake, as he did not have a job. (In my father?s words I quote) ? ?This was true, as I had just finished Wagner College the week before. However, I had taken the License One teachers exam and was awaiting results. On the wedding line my favorite fifth grade teacher, now a superintendent, said to me "Bill, I saw the list and you are on it." So grandpa immediately went to Jersey Street and bought a case of champagne for the reception. With that the marriage was approved.

Over the years they melded into a tight knit unit who sought one another?s counsel as equals. Much of the time this seeking of counsel was based on a consuming interest and concern for their children. They taught us many valuable life lessons. Among them were: Integrity, honesty, compassion, how to work hard, how to stick with it and, in my case, how to take out the garbage. I was taught this noble task at the age of five and have been doing it ever since. I still haven?t gotten it right.

Early in their marriage they established a tradition of Continental and later international travel. They were the Marco polo?s of the neighborhood. With the children in tow they traveled by trailer through 46 states, all of Canada and a large portion of Mexico. Mom spent much of the time in the car crocheting, knitting and getting us lost by studying the road map.

Mom treated everyone equally. That could be good or bad depending on her mood. She could have a sharp tongue or a sweet tongue but one thing is for sure she had a tongue. For instance, when I was a young man, mom discovered that I was dating a single mother and got upset with me about this over the phone, like only she could. In retaliation, like any good son, I hung up on her. From that day forward she came around and embraced Aliqae as one of her own. She never looked back.

Aliqae is her oldest grandchild. There are six others: Charlie, Brian, Kenny, Sean, Julia, and Jackson. All of them are as proud as any child alive to be able to call Nancy Beveridge their grandmother. We are all in agreement: you get an A+ in mothering and grandmothering, Mom.

Mom always wanted to know who in the community was in need. For a time, through civic organizations or church, she prepared and delivered Thanksgiving dinners for folks down on their luck. Did she enlist others to this service? ?You betcha ? anyone and everyone was put to work filling those boxes with joy. I do believe included in this group was her ever-present son, slave, servant Billy. The sick - the bereaved - friends in mourning: they were all recipients of her innate sense of goodness. We watched her time and time again do the same thing. As soon as she found out what had happened, there she was in the kitchen preparing a ham or her famous (at least with her grandchildren) chicken casserole. Shortly she was gone ? off to the family to deliver her kindness. She is not the only one who thinks and acts this way. There are many of you sitting here today who have delivered kindnesses to the Beveridge home over the last number of days. Thank you!

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Mom loved to get out of the house and into the world. She was not one of those people who goes to the grocery store and buys enough provisions for a polar expedition. Buying things for today and possibly tomorrow were more akin to her personality. My sisters and I always knew why she did this. She had an overwhelming desire to socialize with people. As we entered our teenage years and beyond we began to wonder why it took her two hours to buy two things. Every single person she ran into at that store was her friend whether they knew it or not. Somehow they didn?t mind when she drew them in - her infectious, endearing qualities always carried the day. I know that Dad spent most of his social life waiting for mom at the end of countless dances and civic functions. They were always the last ones out the door.

Now let me be clear: a large part of mom?s communication skills came from her speaking voice. The voice - her voice - was as distinctive as any I have ever heard. This fact came with its advantages if you were lucky enough to be one of her offspring. To the best of my recollection none of us ever lost her in a store. All you had to do was listen and there she was. Found 8-10 rows away, from where you stood the voice loud and clear like a beacon in the night. She was always self-conscious about it, but as far as her children and many friends were concerned it was one of her greatest gifts.

With that mom you get an A+ in Communications and Linguistics!

Mom always said that she never liked to cook. She claimed her mother never taught her and furthermore didn?t want her in the kitchen while she was preparing dinner. I wasn?t there so I don?t know. There was some proof to the pronouncement though, little things like burners left on high with no mother in sight. Another specialty was the occasional hardboiled egg or cranberry sauce found on the ceiling instead of the plate. That being said, there were other times, many other times, when her preparations had magic. Ask her grandchildren or my siblings about the butterscotch brownies she whipped up so effortlessly on many a hot summer morning. Casseroles that had you saying with mouth full, ?Man, that?s good, Ma.? Yes, you gave us a lifetime of great food prepared with love. That?s what we think.

A+ in keeping your family healthy and well-fed, Mom.

This much we know, Nancy Beveridge led by example. She talked straight and let you know what she was thinking ? good or bad. She was a class act from the greatest generation. She contributed mightily to family, church and community. She loved you all very much. Know that if you are feeling sorry for yourself or you are down and out she would tell you to bear up and get on with it. We can all be inspired by your life and feel honored to have known you.

I love you Mom. We love you Mom. And about that report card ? there is no such thing as a grade good enough for you. What you have contributed to our lives can?t be quantified. Just know that you are the best mother we could ever dream of having.

A+ and we will see you in Heaven.

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Trio les Amies at Christ Church
Trio les AmiesSerenade will launch its spring season with a performance by Trio Les Amies. The concert will take place on Sunday, April 29th at 3:00 P.M. Works by Bach, Ibert, Faure, Ravel and Debussy will be performed. The program will also feature a new work, written for Trio Les Amies, by Amanda Clearfield. The concert is free to the public. A meet-the-artists reception follows the concert. For info call 718-273-3668 or visit Serenade?s web site:

Michael Fressola in the Staten Island advance wrote that Trio Les Amies "is an ensemble that consists of three of the most celebrated classical female instrumentalists at work today." Its members are Nancy Allen, harp, Cynthia Phelps, viola, and Carol Wincenc, flute. I encourage all readers of this bulletin to come hear this extraordinary concert. You will hear beautiful music played by superb musicians. Mark the date on your calendars.

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From the Parish Register
April Birthdays
1- Matthew Ambroggi; Greer Gerney; 4- Irene Kruiten-Eppinger; 6- Jeffrey Toombs; 10- Michael Devlin; 15- Owen Modzelewski; 17- Crystal Bernard, Siaber Zayzay; 18- Celestine Zayzay; 23- David Seeley; 24- Julia Dwikat, David Wood, Daniel Wood; 26- Mary Boody, Gabrielle Lamarche; 29- Sharon Gardner, Eva Gross; 30- Nancy Sherman, Deacon Geri Swanson

April Anniversaries
6- Hal & Linda Reiersen; 12- John & Carol Brown; 25- Laura & Henry Kennedy; 30- Gene & Rita McGough
If your special day is not in our records, call the Parish Office at 718-727-6100 so it can be added.

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Fundraising Events and Social Activities for 2012
5 Lamb Supper
22 Scholarship Tea
5 Spring Fair/Flea Market
18 Wine Tasting
19 International Cuisine Dinner
10 Clothing Drive Begins
16 Family Dance Night
24 Staten Island Yankees Game
12 Final Collection for Used Clothing
15 Clothing Drive Pick-up
8 Blueberry Festival
21 Cancer Walk
28 Halloween Brunch
1 St. Nick's Fair
8 Holly Ball
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Christ Church Prayer List
The "orans" prayer positionIt is time once again to ensure our prayer list is accurate. Please review the most recent prayer list, printed on page 8, and call Cathy in the parish office (718-727-6100) if you would like a name to remain on the prayer list. Names which are not renewed will be assumed to no longer be in need of the parish?s prayers and will be removed.

The Parish Prayer List
The following individuals have requested our prayers: Robin Beveridge, Shirley Black, Willie Black, Jr., Gene Braxton, Sr., Gregory Brown, Patricia Brown-Prestia, Marguerite Bruce, Mary Clendenen, Marcia Clendenen-Riley, Inez Colborne, Sylvanus Corneh, Dawn DeSilva, Roseline Dundas, Marlene Elia, Arthur Farhait, Ambassador James Freeman, Hayley Filippini, Nellie Gibson, Anna Gooding, Robert Granato, Colin Hay, Ellen Hudson, Cineal Jallah, Nellie Johnson, Joyce Kennedy, Ravi Lambiase, Richard LeClair, Nancy LeClair, Florence Lynch, Kathleen MacDonald, Loretta Mannarano, William Marcus, Donna Marlak, Hugo McIntosh, Sr., Liam McCloskey, Laura Napolitano, Paul Napolitano, Irene Paasewe, Tom Pattison, Sam Pirozzolo, John Rhoades, Elizabeth Roberts, Peter Roland, Joseph Rossiello, Meg Rowan, Gertrude Schall, Mr. & Mrs. Seese, Kris Sheeler, Anna Sherman, Vic Sherman-Britt, Ann Sohm, Williette Thompson, Doris Tucher, Irene Vito, Elise Weiser, Eugene Wood and Cletus Wortoson.

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Christ Church Community Youth Choir
Welcomes Anthony Turner
Anthony TurnerNoted baritone, Anthony Turner, will be visiting and working with the members of the Christ Church Community Youth Chorus on Thursday, April 19 and will be performing "Riu, Riu, Chiu" a 16th century Spanish villancico with the group on Sunday, April 22 at Christ Church.

Mr. Turner is a well-known figure here on Staten Island and has appeared in several Serenade concerts at Christ Church. He is in demand as a singer, lecturer and teacher and his career has led him to extensively tour the United States and Europe.

Mr. Turner has made appearances with Four Season?s Arts, Inc. (CA), Opera Exposures (NY), Reno Choral Society (KS), Boston Musica Viva, United States Army Band (NE), Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble (NY), the recital series of St. Alban?s and Serenade (NY) and St. Luke?s (MA), and with Opera Ebony (NY) in a program of negro spirituals at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the New York Historical Society in affiliation with its? exhibit, New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War.

Other engagements have included: featured soloist with the Dance Theatre of Harlem production St. Louis Woman at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, touring the United States and Europe with performance artist Laurie Anderson in Songs and Stories from Moby Dick, featured guest on the PBS special GREAT PERFORMANCES series Aida?s Brothers and Sisters: Black Voices in Opera, and featured soloist with Jessye Norman in a benefit concert for the Healing of AIDS, directed by George C. Wolfe and presented by The Balm in Gilead, Inc.

We hope you will be able to join us for this unique and exciting musical collaboration.

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Education Committee Events
Education Committee Events
  • Easter Egg stuffing party, March 31
  • Godly Play Choir Sings, Easter Day, April 8
  • Education Committee Meeting, April 19
  • Education Committee Meeting, May 17
  • Last Day of Godly Play and Journey to Adulthood, Sunday, June 10
  • Teacher and Youth Leader Recognition, Sunday, June 17
  • Education Committee Meeting, June 21
  • Godly Play Teacher Debriefing and Organizational Meeting, June 24, 11:30 a.m.
  • Teacher Retreat, July 7
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dove, the sumbol of confirmationChrist Church will not receive a visit from a bishop this year, they are on a two-year rotation, so our candidates for confirmation and reception will be presented at the Ascension Day service, May 17, 7:00 p.m., at the Church of the Ascension. Our newly consecrated bishop coadjutor, the Rt. Rev. Andrew Dietsche, will be on hand to celebrate, preach, and confirm.

Not too long ago the Ascension Day service was a big deal on Staten Island and all the Episcopal churches on Staten Island gathered at the Church of the Ascension to celebrate this major feast. With the presence of Bishop Dietsche, Ascension Church is trying to renew interest in this island-wide celebration. This could be a great occasion to greet our new bishop, to enjoy fellowship with other Staten Island Episcopalians, and to support our confirmands.

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Around the Parish
Spring is in the air at Christ Church! The buds are blooming, the days are longer and the weather is warmer — the right setting for all of the exciting events that are planned for the spring and summer months (see activity calendar in this issue.)

Thanks to Nick Lettiere, Sheila Swigert and John Watson for generously sponsoring the purchase of three brand new crock pots that will be a welcome addition when preparing and serving food at our upcoming brunches, fairs and dinners.

Since spring is right around the corner many of you may be going through your closets to make room for some new additions to your wardrobe. Sheila Swigert, chair of the Fund Raising Committee, has asked that you hold on to those old, but usable, winter coats, sweaters and other items and donate them to our Used Clothing Drive in August. More details to follow as we draw closer to the summer months.

Congratulations to Kirstin (Swanson) and Brian Basso on the birth of their son, Ian Matthew. Ian's big sister, Erin, is quite pleased to have a baby brother and his grandmother, Deacon Geri Swanson, couldn't be happier!

Glad to report that Analise Noel, daughter of Christina and Martin Noel, is on the mend; it was also good to have Laura Napolitano back with us after her recent hospital stay. Best wishes to you both.

Last month was a time of sadness for several members of our parish. Condolences to the McClean and Beveridge families on the passing of Nancy Beveridge, a long-time parishioner at Christ Church and a familiar face at just about every Christ Church event. She will be sorely missed. And our prayers go out to Victor and Susan (Fowler) Stanwick and their family on the passing of Victor's mom, Arlene; and to Jay Spadaro on the passing of his sister, Betty Rizzo.

Best wishes to you all for a blessed and joyful Easter.

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