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Clergy Corner

The Rev. Charles H. Howell, Rector of Christ Church New Brighton
The Rev. Chuck Howell

As almost every Michigander knows, Ernie Harwell, the long-time play by play announcer for the Detroit Tigers, began each baseball season by reading from the Song of Solomon 2:11-12: “For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.”

A young boy forty years ago might have wondered what kind of voice a turtle could possibly have, not realizing that turtle is an antiquated way of saying turtledove. The Song of Solomon paints a beautiful picture of the world coming alive in the spring and invites us into unhurried days of summer. Summer, when there is time for backyard barbeques, for family and friends, and for three hour baseball games.

During the summer we move into the unhurried days of the Season of Pentecost. The intensity of Lent and the excitement of Easter and Pentecost are behind us and a sea of liturgical green stretches out ahead.

I used to dread the seemingly endless Season of Pentecost with each Sunday pretty much just like the last. I couldn’t wait to get to Advent, when the green vestments and hangings would finally be put back in their drawers, and we could begin counting down to Christmas. But now I value the Pentecost Season in the way I value summer. It is a time to slow down and sit quietly in church. It is time to enjoy the company of our church family. And, as we read through the stories of what Jesus said and did, it is an opportunity to spend time with him too.

I’m looking forward to the quieter, slower days of summer. I’m looking forward to savoring all the little things that make life luminous with intimations of the divine: The flowers, the singing of birds, and the mysterious voice of the turtle.

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Chuck

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an evening in spring 2010

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ccnb spring fair flyer 2010

• Any donations for the Fair (white elephants, baskets of cheer, etc) may now be brought to the church

• Raffle tickets will be available for purchase during the Sunday coffee hour. Pre-paid tickets for the car wash (at a 20% discount) are also available.

• Seedlings and plants for the plant table may be brought to the church on the day of the Fair. Call Susan Fowler (718-720-1169) if you need to drop them off earlier.

• Please speak with Janet Schneider if you want to make a donation to the baked goods table.

• Please speak with Beth McLean if you wish to donate sandwiches and/or cakes for the Tea Room

• Most important: we are looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the Fair. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board.

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Graduation Day!

Congratulations to our High School graduates Crystal Bernard, Katherine Liu, Marie Mantz and Titus Zayzay, and also to our college graduates, Katashi George and Nancy Sherman.

May you reap the well-deserved rewards for all of your hard work! .

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Christ Church Scholarship Recipients

At its May meeting, the Vestry awarded Crystal Bernard, Katherine Liu, and Titus Zayzay each a $500 scholarship from the Lehmann Family Scholarship Fund for their first year of post-high school studies.

Crystal will be attending CSI in the fall; Katherine is off to Wagner College, and Titus will be studying at Construction Skills 2010.

The awards will be given at the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist on June 6.  Please make a special effort to attend and support these daughters and sons of our parish as they take their next big step.

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Vestry Notes

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Vestry of Christ Church New Brighton took place on Monday, May 10, 2010. Following is a brief synopsis of important discussions that took place at that time:

Committee Reports
Plant & Equipment

  • “Clutter” in the church basement is of some concern. Various plans to clean up the basement were discussed, including the assistance of Sexton Ian Riddick.
  • The Rector will appoint a small committee to assess the parish’s capacity for a capital fund-raising drive to meet the needs called for by the Plant & Equipment Committee. Architect Kevin Lichten will come back to reassign the most urgent, up-to-date priorities to the committee’s spread sheet of major projects.

Worship & Liturgy

  • In addition to the written committee report, the Rector mentioned improving the electric lighting in the church. Burned-out spotlights have been replaced, except for those high up in the tower, whose replacement would be unsafe. It was suggested that Walsh Electric might have the very tall ladders or other equipment needed to replace the tower lights.

Education Committee

  • The committee is looking into a new curriculum for the upper grades of Sunday School. The Rector pointed out that there is a need for more adult participation in youth activities. No youth activity can take place without the presence of at least two adults. This has become a universal rule.

Old Business
Christ Church Community Youth Choir (CCCYC)

  • Beth Johanning-Hayes presented a well-developed written report about this planned forthcoming project, including a budget. The program is geared to youth ages 7-14. The remainder of the Staten Island Foundation grant will be used initially to fund it. Targeting schools that have cut music programs was suggested as a means of attracting participants, also word of mouth.

New Business
Scholarship Committee

  • The Scholarship Committee is in abeyance. Therefore the Vestry will award scholarships to worthy students who apply for them. $500 scholarships will be awarded to Crystal Bernard, who will be attending the College of Staten Island; Katherine Liu, who will be attending Wagner College; and Titus A. Zayzay, who is a prospective graduate of McKee Vocational High School and will further his studies in college in the field of construction management.

Churchwardens’ Reports

  • Mark Gherzo reported on the recent Wardens’ Conference held in Cold Spring, N.Y. About 100 churchwardens met with Bishop Sisk and Bishop Roskam. Many of the concerns expressed would be familiar to Christ Church parishioners, like the need to attract new parishioners and the problems of aging church buildings that have suffered from deferred maintenance. The Episcopal Diocese of New York in its 2011 budget will provide more money to churches; in fact 60 percent of the diocesan budget will be devoted to this. Mark mentioned the possibility of Staten Island churchwardens getting together regularly to discuss matters of common concern.
  • Alleida Mitchell stated that the Christ Church Saturday Feeding Program needs additional participation. Those interested should contact Victor Stanwick.

Rector’s Report

Christ Church will take part in a community health fair at Tappen Park, Stapleton, on Thursday, May 20, from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M. Alleida Mitchell and Beth Johanning may join the Rector.
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In Memorium: Margaret Harris
Farewell to a Dear Friend

How do you write a story about Margaret Harris? What do you write? How do you compress the existence of an extraordinary human being who spent eighty years here on earth into an article for the Tower Chimes?

Margaret was born on Sept. 2, 1929, in Brooklyn, NY. She had one daughter, Stacy, and she lived with Stacy and her late husband, Milton Harris, in Mariners Harbor for nearly three decades. I don’t know how she ended up with us at Christ Church. All I know is that I was lucky enough to be one of her “pale-faced” friends whose sentences she was fond of finishing for me.

Margaret Harris and Father Chuck.Susan and I used to drive Margaret home from Christ Church after whatever event or meeting had ended, or when Margaret had grown tired of whatever meeting or event was still going on. Margaret had an infinite amount of good cheer, but a limited amount of patience, and she was not shy about letting you know if your time was up and you should get off the stage.

Did you know that Margaret worked as an extra in films? And that she was one of the extras in the background crowds in the film, “Man on the Moon” starring Jim Carrey? And did you know that she considered Jim Carrey an annoying little twerp? She was very sharp, Margaret was.

Did you know that Margaret used to get on a bus and travel all over the East Coast to visit Stacy and her son-in-law, Tony Brownlee? Or to visit her grandchildren Princess and Brandon (her “grands”)? Or to visit her favorite casino? She was the first person I knew who used Priceline to get the best price on an air flight. Did you know that Margaret could beat you at Scrabble with both hands tied behind her back? Not only would she use the word “CAZIQUES,” when challenged she knew what it meant (West Indian chiefs). Three hundred and ninety-two points!

Margaret’s first career was as a librarian for New York Public Library and she later worked at Sprint until the early 1990s. She was also the first president of the Blossom Society, Parkside Senior Apartments tenants’ association, and a member of the board of the Northfield Community Local Development Corporation starting in 1996.

Let’s take a moment to thank Margaret for what she’s done over the years (from the Tower Chimes):

  • September 2002: Thank you, Margaret Harris, for organizing the volunteers, and thank goodness for Margaret Harris and her ladies (and men) for handling the cake table which was filled with a marvelous selection of home-baked goodies.
  • February 2004: Nick Lettiere, along with Janet Schneider and Margaret Harris, sold Christmas wreaths, baked goods and NFL clothing items during the Sunday morning coffee hours.
  • February 2005: Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Margaret Harris. This busy lady, who spends numerous hours coordinating our Sunday morning coffee hours, helping out at the Richmond Food Pantry and preparing and serving lunches once a month at Trinity Church on Saturday mornings has been a bit under the weather lately. Get well soon, dear lady!
  • November 2006: Speaking of the Holly Ball, the Honorary Chairperson designations this year are well-deserved and well earned: congratulations to Margaret Harris, Martha Keucher and Colin Reed
  • And most recently, October 2009: Getting to know you: For those of you who attend the 10 a.m. Sunday services, you may have noticed the lovely array of handwritten name tags that are located at the entrance to the church. Many thanks to Margaret Harris and Nick Dowen, parishioners who have taken the time to coordinate this ongoing project.
      If you want to memorialize Margaret, here’s your opportunity: Remember to wear your name tag in church and at coffee hour! The box of tags is still at the back of the church.
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A Special Occasion for a Special Lady

On Sunday, May 22, Christ Church parishioners gathered together to celebrate the 90th birthday of Shirley Elfers who has been a member of our parish since she was a youth.

A Fair Linen for the high altar has been donated in her honor with a dedicatory plaque that reads: “Shirley Elfers, Altar Guild Directress, 2010.”

Our love and best wishes to this lovely lady!

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Katherine Liu Violin Recital

violin and bowMany of our parishioners have enjoyed Katherine’s talents during our Sunday morning worship services. An invitation has been extended to all of our parishioners to attend Katherine’s upcoming violin recital which will take place on Wednesday, June 9 at 5 p.m. in the Concert Hall of Mannes College of Music.

The college is located at 150 West 85th Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues) in Manhattan. The college can be reached by public transportation using the #1, B or C trains to 86th Street.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon with this talented young musician.

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Christ Church Summer Camp Scholarships

We are still accepting applications for scholarships to Incarnation Camp, Ivoryton, CT. This is an Episcopal sleep-away camp with two-week sessions. Applications are also accepted for those attending YMCA camps. For more information, please contact Father Chuck.

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Play Ball!

Staten Island YankeesThe second annual “Christ Church Day with the Staten Island Yankees” is scheduled to take place this year on Sunday, June 27.

If you’re interested in attending this wonderful afternoon of fun, food and fellowship please contact Sheila Swigert to make your reservations ASAP!

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Congratulations to the members of our Christ Church family who were confirmed, received or reaffirmed their Baptismal vows at the Cathedral last month: Kendall Cataldo, Keith J. Eppinger, Thomas Keith Eppinger, John Gerney, Nicholas Rosa, Patrick Jordan Wigmore and Sara Jean Wigmore.

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A Note of Thanks

To our Christ Church family:

Thank you so much for your generous expressions of love and support following David's recent surgery. He is recuperating well and we are hopeful for his full recovery. We are truly blessed by God's presence, and yours, in our lives.

Lisa Rhoades, David, Bonnie and Charlie Nygard

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From the Parish Register

June Birthdays
4 – Christopher John Brown; 9 – Kristin Reiersen; 10 – Sean McLean; 11 - Kit Gerney;  12- Anne Beveridge; 13 – Peter Raff; 15 – Claire James, Vlasta Jantzi, Charles McLean III, Patsy Parese, Richard Zayzay; 16 – Jill Kanner Smith, Romeo Zayzay; 18 – Eleanor Larimer, Laila Modzelewski; 19 – Ruth Richards; 25 – Liz Howell; 28  Evelise Leila Hutton; 29 – Leslie Thompson, Gregory Brown; 30 – Togba Porte;

June Anniversaries
8 – Joseph Ambroggi & Dorothy Thompson; 11 – Bill & Nancy Beveridge; 17 – Richard & Yassah Zayzay; 20 – Robert & Christina Mantz;

July Birthdays
3 – Ian Riddick; 5 – Monette McIntosh; 8 – Isabella Rhea Massey, Barbara Pocino; 10 – Colin Reed, Williette Thompson; 13 – Brian McLean; 14 – Togba Porte II; 15 – Nick Lettiere, Bonnie Nygard; 16 – Carol Brown, Ryan Johnson; 17 – Marigold Daley Green, Gabriel Noel; 19 – Sydney George; 20 – Oliver Simpson; 21 –Sarah Kanner; 22 – Charlotte Hewitt; 23 – Sheila Swigert; 24 – Marie Mantz; 26 – Ann Sohm, Barnett Shepherd; 27 – Sydney McIntosh, Evelyn Hernandez; 30 – Titus Zayzay

July Anniversaries
30 – Constance & Willie Black III;

August Birthdays
2- Ted Schneider; 3- Joseph Ambroggi; 4 – Theresa Gilman, Edwin John, Victoria Noel; 8 – Erin Shannon, Kevin Larimer; 10 – John Watson; 12 – Anne Devlin; 15 – Joseph Zayzay; 21 – Luke Larimer; 23 – Christina Mantz; 24 – Yassah Zayzay, Robert Hayes; 25 – Elizabeth McLean, Laura Mazzucco-Gambino; 28 – David Nygard; 29 – Christiana Adeshote; 30 – Troy Richards;

August Anniversaries
9 – Ed & Laura Craig; 15 – Charles & Elizabeth McLean, Jay & Ginny Spadaro; 20 – Nick & Nancy Lettiere; 22 – Martin & Christina Noel; 23 – Dick Riley & Marcia Clendenen; 30 – Clyve Hutton & Evelyn Hernandez; 31 – John & Christine Szczepanik

If your special day is not in our records, call the Parish Office at 727-6100 so it can be added
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Coming Events

• The last day for Godly Play and Sunday School will be June 6. On that day we will recognize graduates, teachers, and youth leaders at the 10 a.m. service

• On Fathers' Day, June 20 we will honor the men of our parish – fathers, brothers, uncles, and “father figures” The Sunday School will host a special coffee hour in their honor.

• The Maryland Boy Choir will sing at the 10 a.m. service on Sunday, July 11. Further details and announcements to follow.

• The Youth Group from St. Bartholomew's, North Augusta, GA will return to Christ Church this summer. We will share a meal together on July 13, and attend an SI Yankees game on July 15. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet them in church on Sunday, July 18

• August 15 - Ice Cream Social

• August 29 - The Building Bridges Interfaith Peace Walk, beginning at 2 p.m.

• September 12 - Godly Play & Sunday School resume. We’ll also be observing Grandparent’s Day during the service

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Around the Parish

I’m convinced that the June issue of the Tower Chimes marks the “unofficial” start of summer. At least it certainly seems that way!

On May 15 we welcomed Milani George into the Christ Church family. Milani is the daughter of Candie George, and the granddaughter of Heather George.

Nice to have Olisha James back with us – at least until her return to college this fall. She recently completed an internship in Disneyworld as she continues to earn her degree in hotel management.

As many of you may be aware, the men in the Black Family (Willie, Jr. “Buster”, Willie IV (‘Li) and dear André, have been actively involved as track and field coaches and officials. Buster was recently presented with the official “Jacket” by the Catholic High School Association for his many years of service as a track and field coach and official.

In addition, André was honored by the PSAL Officials Association during the 2010 New York Relays. This organization sponsored a plaque for the Girls Heptathlon in memory of André.

News from the Wood brothers (David and Dan): David enjoyed (as always!) his recent two-week trip to London and Devon, England. In fact, during his annual visit to St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Chelsea he was asked to be a Presenter of the Elements.

Dan Wood will be opening Edgefield, his bed and breakfast in Sharon Springs, NY on Memorial Day.  This is a wonderful summer vacation area, and the Inn is conveniently located near the Glimmerglass Opera.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Ann Sohm, who was hospitalized last month and is currently undergoing rehab at SI University Hospital (North) on Seaview Avenue.

Have you heard about our “Mystery Organist”? Parishioners have been surprised, and somewhat confused, to HEAR the organ during the Sunday service, but at the same time they SEE Tom Sarff seated at the piano. Is it done with mirrors? Is it sleight of hand? Best way to find out is to come to church on Sunday morning and ask Tom to share his secret!

That’s it for now – at least for the next two months, that is! Best wishes to our readers for a happy, healthy and restful summer. See you in the fall!
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