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Clergy Corner
The Rev. Charles H. Howel, Rector
The Rev. Charles Howell

All Saints’ Day, which we will celebrate on All Saints’ Sunday, is one of my favorite days of the year. I simply love everything about All Saints’ Day:  The music, the readings, and the prayers.  For me All Saints’ Day is like Easter in the fall.  On Easter Day we commemorate Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead, and on All Saints’ Day we affirm our faith that what God did for Jesus God will one day do for us.  We also remember the saints, known and unknown, who have gone before us.

I’ve spent some time this fall immersed in John Woodall’s informative history of Christ Church.  One of the most intriguing figures in Christ Church’s history is George Wotherspoon.  He was a parishioner at St. Paul’s Stapleton, but left that parish when, in his estimation, it became too high church.  He determined to found a new parish in New Brighton both to serve its growing population


and, perhaps, so that he could have church the way he liked it.  Wotherspoon proceeded to found a new church, Christ Church, but did so without obtaining permission of the Rector of St. Paul’s, as required.  A protracted ecclesiastical battle ensued, which, with the help of a payment to St. Paul’s to cover the departing members’ share of their debt, was eventually settled in Christ Church’s favor.  In short order, the Vestry and Wotherspoon were at odds over the question of pew rentals.  Wortherspoon, laudably, wanted the free pews scattered about the church while the Vestry found this plan impractical and wanted most of the free pews clustered in the back.  This dispute ended up in a pamphlet war and in court.  Wotherspoon went on the warpath again against the Vestry and his own hand-picked rector, the Rev. Pierre Paris Irving, about the question of religious pictures and crosses in the church, which Wotherspoon detested.  Another protracted battle ensued, which ended with the Wotherspoons leaving Christ Church for good.

Isn’t Mr. Wotherspoon a particularly vivid example of the dueling traits found in each of us?  Each of us has some noble qualities – like Wotherspoon’s concern for the poor and his dedication to principle – and each of us has some faults – like his obstinacy and pugnacious temperament.  Yet, as All Saints’ Day reminds us, God uses each of us to do his will and to further his Kingdom. Despite George Wotherspoon’s imperfections, God used him to found our beloved parish.  Despite our imperfections, we trust that God will use us to do for a great work for the Kingdom in our own day.

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Chuck paragraph ending graphic

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Around the Parish

Over the past few months the leaves in the church oval have turned from a dark, rich green to a glorious combination of red, yellow and orange. Sadly, these leaves will soon fall to the ground and the tree limbs will soon be covered with snow.

However, on the bright side, the change in seasons also marks the arrival of our annual holiday celebrations: The St. Nick’s Fair on Saturday, December 2, and The Christ Church Holly Ball on Saturday, December 9. And speaking of the Holly Ball, the Honorary Chairperson designations this year are well-deserved and well earned: congratulations to Margaret Harris, Martha Keucher and Colin Reed

We are pleased to report that Victor Stanwick is back in action following his recent shoulder surgery. It’s also nice to look out in the congregation and see David Holt and Colin Reed back in their usual pews as well.

Our recent fundraisers at Christ Church have been an overwhelming success: The Blueberry Festival, the Scholarship Concert and Tea, and Night at the Races. This would not have been possible without your support, and of course the hard work of the Christ Church Landscape Committee, the Christ Church Scholarship Committee, and the Christ Church Fund Raising Committee. The monies raised at these events have helped us to maintain and beautify our church and grounds, in addition to providing the financial resources to fund scholarships for summer camp and college.

You’ve probably noticed the incredible progress that has been made on repairs to the church roof, and also the church interior. The roofing project is slowly, but surely, on the road to completion; and thankfully, the beautiful stained glass windows that were removed earlier this year for repair, have been returned, replaced, and look absolutely spectacular. Our thanks for the dedicated efforts of the Plant and Equipment Committee, and their hard-working chairperson, Susan Fowler.

Congratulations to Chip McLean, husband of our Senior Warden, Beth McLean. Chip was inducted into the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, in a special ceremony that was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on September 30th. This is one of the highest awards that can be conferred on laity and clergy alike who have done meritorious work for the Church and are approved for nomination by their Bishops. This designation carries important responsibilities, requiring members to serve the Church with their prayers, alms and activities.

Congratulations to Fr. Jerry Keucher, who was named Chief of Finance and Operations for the Episcopal Diocese of New York.  And our heartfelt prayers and best wishes go out to Bishop Don Taylor, as he marks the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Bishop Taylor has been a good friend to Christ Church, and we wish him well on this wonderful milestone in his life.

We are sad to report that one of our favorite parishioners, Jeanne Mann, will be moving to Texas this month. Over the years, Jeanne was active in our Sunday School and Girls Night Out Program. It is always such a pleasure to look out in the congregation on Sunday morning and see her smiling face. Godspeed, Jeanne. We shall miss you!

Our Christ Church family has so much to be thankful for this month: the arrival of our new rector, Fr. Chuck Howell and his family, the enthusiasm of the many committees who are involved in fund raising and fellowship, and the promise of “New Beginnings” in the year ahead. To one and all, best wishes from the staff and contributing editors of the Tower Chimes for a very happy Thanksgiving. paragraph ending graphic
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Vestry Report

The Vestry met for its regular monthly meeting on 9 October.  The following is a summary of the discussions and decisions of the Vestry at this meeting.

Two resolutions were approved: one gave Father Howell the right to sign checks to cover church expenses and the other granted him the usual tax break (up to $2,000) for housing.

The Treasurer and Financial Secretary reports showed that while the plate collection was down from last year, our utility bill was up from 2005-2006.  At the same time, twenty-seven of those who made pledges were in arrears.  In the meantime, the profit from the Spring Fair, ably directed by Gytha and Gene Darconte, amounted to $5,557, while the Blueberry Festival made about $3,524 for the landscaping program in the back of the church.

Susan Fowler, the chair of the Plant and Equipment Committee, sent word that the work on the church roof was completed, repairs are being made to the parish house roof, the stained glass windows have been installed, and the work in the rectory is moving along.

There will be a Thanksgiving service and the church school children will present a pageant at the early service on Christmas Eve.

Lastly, Nick Dowen and Fr. Howell will be attending the Diocesan Convention in November. paragraph ending graphic
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Women of Christ Church

All of the items that you’ve been seeing in the Sunday bulletins and the Tower Chimes concerning the Women of Christ Church resulted in an animated discussion at our regular meeting in October. Alleida Mitchell, Anne Devlin and Margaret Harris have discovered an interest among some women who would find evening meetings would fit their schedules more easily than the afternoon sessions. We were quite excited to hear this, and asked the committee to pursue this during the next few weeks. All who are interested, please watch for announcements, and speak to one of our members.

Our organization suffered a blow when long-time officers Shirley Elfers, Treasurer, and Connie Ricciardi, United Thank Offering chairperson, resigned. They have served so long and so well, and have our deepest gratitude. They will be instructing their successors, Margaret Harris as Treasurer and Anne Devlin as UTO Chairperson, in their duties and we know they will be well-taught and carry on capably.

Announcements were made about the gathering of toys and gifts for the St. Nick’s Fair, and a St. Nick’s Fair at the Cathedral, and our own group’s gift to Seaman’s Children and Families or some other Staten Island charity. In the face of so much need, each of us will do as much as we can.

Some of us made plans to go to the Episcopal Church Women’s meeting at St. Andrew’s in the evening of this busy day. Connie and Shirley prepared bountiful desserts for our luncheon. Many of you may not know that Connie won the Advance baking contest twice, and she produced a wonderful new cake from that paper’s Food Section. Everyone agreed that it is another winning recipe. Patsy Parese was there, too, so we were all treated to the world’s best coffee.

We were happy to have Fr. Howell lead our service at 11 a.m.; he and Liz remained for the meeting. It is a joy to have them with us in all aspects of our church life. We hope that they, and you, will join us on Thursday, November 9 at our next gathering. paragraph ending graphic
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Coffee Hour Hosts

The following people have signed up to host Coffee Hour in November:

November 5 - Karen Smith
November12 –David and Daniel Wood November 19 – Mark Gherzo
November 26 – Lisa Rhoades and David Nygard December 3 – Elaine and George Smith

      If you need assistance, or are unable to host on your date, please give Lisa Rhoades a call at 718-420-0363. paragraph ending graphic      
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Serendipity Notes

Serendipity is alive and well and its heart beats faster as the excitement of the Vestry’s Fund Raising Committee pervades Christ Church. The enormous success of the Blueberry Festival was a fantastic welcome for Fr. Charles Howell and his family, and we were delighted to help make it an enormous success, and one of the best parties held at Christ Church.

At its October meeting, Serendipity made a variety of plans that will supplement the work of both the Fund Raising Committee and the Women of Christ Church. By the time this article appears, pleasant memories of the Soup and Sandwich lunch of October 29 will still be in the minds and stomachs of all the members of the congregation who enjoyed Carol Brown’s pumpkin soup and Marlene Elia’s minestrone, followed by the sandwiches and desserts of many others.

We’re planning a Pasta Supper for Friday, January 26. Funds have also been earmarked for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas and for toys for the Society of Seamen’s Children. We’re supporting the production of the Holly Ball Journal and are planning to help Valerie Quinlan’s marvelous musical venture, Serenade, with a grant of $500. paragraph ending graphic

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Community News

All Saints Day Service
Wednesday, November 1
7:30 p.m.
All Saints Episcopal Church

Music at St. Albans
Sunday, November 26 at 3:30 p.m.
Keith Bonner, Flute & Jason Andrews, Pianoforte
Call 718-984-6060 for ticket information

St. Nicholas Celebration
Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Tuesday, November 28 at 7:30 p.m.
Performances by Lavender Light Gospel Choir; Sandra Goodman; Eva Jundt; Mark Snyder; Dante; Tim Brumfield. Sponsored by AIDS Action International. Admission: An unwrapped holiday gift for people of any age.

Holiday Gifts for Project Hospitality
Project Hospitality is in need of holiday gifts for men, women, boys and girls. All gifts should be new items, though they need not be expensive. For the children gifts may be toys, books, games and clothing. Clothing items are always a good choice for adults as well. All gifts should be donated unwrapped; however, donations of wrapping paper and tape are also needed. Gifts can be delivered to Project Hospitality’s administrative office at 100 Park Avenue (corner of Bennett Street) in Port Richmond. Gifts should be delivered no later than December 10.

Donations for Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Project Hospitality is in need of donations for Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Food items that are needed include turkeys, canned sweet potatoes, boxes of rice, corn bread mix, canned vegetables and fruits, stuffing, canned cranberries and turkey gravy. Food donations may be delivered to Project Hospitality Community Services, 514 Bay Street.

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Parish Register

November Birthdays
3—Laura Craig; 4—Ellen Mazzucco;5—Paul Smith;
 13—Marlene Elia, Samolu Freeman, Sheila Hewitt;
16—Jonathan Elia; 22—Varney Freeman, Sr.; 25—Eugene Darconte;  26—John Szczepanik, Dorothy Thompson; 28—Kim Davis;  30—Christine Szczepanik, Ronald J. Bell, Mark E. Hewitt II;

If your special day is not in our records, call the ParishOffice  at 718-727-6100 so it can be added. paragraph ending graphic

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Good News for Twos

Beginning on Sunday, November 5, Christ Church will offer Sunday School for the five and under set! Bring your little ones to the nursery at 10 a.m. (in-between the two morning services) for a fun-filled (and brief) Christian Education experience. We will color! We will read a story! We will play! We will have coffee (at least the parents will)!

We will start by offering this program ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ONLY and expand the schedule as interest warrants. If you would like to participate by being a class leader during the upcoming months, please contact Lisa Rhoades at 718-420-0363. paragraph ending graphic

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No Need to Pledge?

The story is told of a wise pastor who went to get a hair cut. The barber, who also happened to be a parishioner, took the opportunity to tell the pastor all the reasons why he was not going to complete his stewardship pledge card.

“I don’t think we should have to promise to give money to God. We should give what our heart tells us at the time. I like to be able to just put in the collection whatever I have that week.”

The pastor listened carefully and after his haircut he handed the barber $1 for the $10 haircut, saying, “I like to give what my heart tells me – just whatever I have in my pocket at the time.

”Father,”the barber protested, “I can’t pay my rent, take care of my expenses and run my business successfully if everyone would do that.”

“Neither can God,” the pastor replied. paragraph ending graphic
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More Tea Consumed at Scholarship Fund
Tea than was Dumped in Boston Harbor!

Okay – a slight exaggeration!  But Afternoon Tea to benefit the young people at Christ Church was an unqualified success.  The Scholarship Committee is so very grateful for the generosity of our friends and parishioners.

October 15th was an amazing day.  Through the benevolence of Dr. Vincent and Candice Craig, an afternoon recital was performed with selections from Samuel Barber, Chopin, and George Gershwin.  Both Vincent and Candice donated their time and their talent.  And what talent it was! Heavenly music if we ever heard any!  Vincent is the son (and Candice the daughter-in-law) of our parishioners Ed and Laura Craig.  They traveled from Pennsylvania after church to help to make our teatime special.

The people attending Afternoon Tea were treated to a glass of sherry to “loosen” things up.  After that, real English tea (Yes, from England) was served from lovely teapots on loan to us from Dr. Hueldine Webb, Jill Kanner, Joan Rock, Colin Reed and Gytha Darconte.  Tea sandwiches consisted of salmon and caviar, cucumber, tomato and cheese, tuna fish, egg salad, ham and cheese, and several “special” sandwiches from Joan Rock and Nancy Beveridge (cream cheese, mushroom, sherry and cream cheese, pickles, nuts).  Our thanks to Laura Craig, Jill Kanner, Judy Davis, Marlene Elia and Hueldine Webb for the sumptuous sandwiches.

Anne Devlin, Hueldine Webb, Gytha Darconte, David Wood, Joan Rock, Janet Schneider, Tina Colucci and Liz Howell made the delectable desserts.  Some of the specialty items were Victoria Sandwich, The Queen Mother’s cake, lemon cheese bars, apple cake, ginger snaps, cupcakes and mint chocolate chip meringues.  One of the surprise desserts was a whiskey cake made in Norfolk, England by Colin Reed’s niece, Linda.

And what afternoon tea would be complete without the traditional scones served with Devonshire cream, strawberry jam and a cream concoction by one of our parishioners.  Elaine Smith, Beth McLean and Anne Devlin were responsible for several of the scone varieties and I think I will have to go back and taste some more to see which ones I liked best. I may even have to try them a couple of times.

Behind the scenes are also some very special people who worked like crazy in the kitchen.  We could never have made this happen without the hard work of Marlene Elia, Joan Rock, Deanna Darconte, and Jill Kanner.  We are especially appreciative for our “jack-of-all-trades”, Gene Darconte. He handled a myriad of things that were needed immediately!

Our sincere thanks to Joan Rock for the cheery homemade tablecloths and for filling the room with the fresh hydrangea decorations.  Of course, without the donation of the sherry by Trevor Mills, we would have been off to a slow start!

Several of the camp scholarship recipients, Evelyn and Siaber Zayzay, were invaluable in the serving of our goodies.  And this leads us to the reason for the tea. Even though this was a fundraiser for our Scholarship program, it was obvious from all the chattering that fun and fellowship are a large part of any event we hold.

It was heartwarming to hear so many compliments from so many people.  So, to all of you who participated, whether it was in the form of a donation, talent or time or encouragement, thank you!

Since the inception of the scholarship fund, following is the list of recipients:  Olisha James, Claire Kennedy, Titus Zayzay, Evelyn Zayzay, Eva Marie Black, Siaber Zayzay, Sean McLean, Nancy Sherman, Thomas Liu, and Daniel Lettiere.

P.S.  Did I mention that we made a profit of over $4,000 so far? paragraph ending graphic
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A Very Special Invitation

Dear Friends:

We’re writing to you about the 13th Annual St. Nicholas Celebration that will take place on Tuesday, November 28th at 7:30 p.m. in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. The Cathedral is located on Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street in Manhattan.

As many of you know, we try to provide at least a singe gift for over 2,000 children, women and men struggling and living with HIV/AIDS. From 2001 - 2004 there was a steady increase in the number of gifts we received, and we hoped 2005 would have been the year we need a second police van to deliver the gifts. Sorry to say we experienced a significant drop in gifts in 2005, and because of that, there were many people who received no gift at all.

Please help reverse what happened last year. Begin gathering gifts now. Tell friends and family members about the St. Nicholas Celebration and ask each of them to offer a gift or two. Ask your boss – and if you are the boss – place a box or barrel (or two) in the work area starting mid October and begin collecting gifts. Many we provide gifts for have few possessions – many have been homeless and battled addictions. They often have little in the way of community, and in some cases few or no visitors, family or otherwise.

The St. Nicholas Celebration is organized by volunteers. No one receives compensation, including any artist who has ever performed. The artists give freely of their time and of their wonderful, rich talent. They do their part year after year, and they help make the St. Nicholas Celebration the special evening it is, as many of you know well.

We ask so little to make such an enormous difference. This year increase your commitment to this event and to those for whom we gather gifts. Let’s fill up that police van, and be well on the way to needing a second. We all have been given so very much, and have great cause to be thankful. Along with your friends, family, and work colleagues, let’s make that real difference in the life of someone else this year. You won’t regret it.

Thank you and God bless you. We look forward to seeing you the evening of November 28.

Sincerely, AIDS Action International

Fr Rand Frew, Founder and Executive Officer
Nick Dowen, Coordinator, St. Nicholas Celebration. paragraph ending graphic
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Calling All Handy Persons

If you enjoy decorating or the holidays, or simply assisting with tying bows or hanging ornaments, the Fundraising Committee is looking for YOU!

We hope to transform our Parish Hall into a Christmas Village for the St. Nick’s Fair, starting Wednesday, November 29 through Friday, December 1. An hour or two of your time at your convenience, in the daytime (from (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), or in the evening (from 4 – 8 p.m.) is all that we ask.

St. Nick will be giving out over 100 gifts to our parish and neighborhood children; he also is looking for a few elves to assist with gift wrapping. If you would like to make a donation towards these toys please see Alleida.

Please use the sign-up sheet on the Bulletin Board or speak with any committee member: Willie & Shirley Black, Anne Devlin, Mark Gherzo, Alleida Mitchell, Nancy Reiersen-Scromo, George Smith or Sheila Swigert for further information. paragraph ending graphic
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Assistance for AIDS Orphans
in Tanzania

The “Carpenters Kids’, a partnership between the Diocese of New York and the Greater Tanganyika Episcopal Diocese, has been organized to fund the needs of the countless orphans, and those children whose lives have been greatly affected by the AIDS epidemic in Tanzania, Africa. Through the New York Diocese, donated funds are being channeled to these needy children to supply them with school uniforms, shoes, books, education costs and one square meal a day. All of this is supplied to each student for a mere $50 per year!

I am happy to report that Christ Church has become one of the partners in this worthwhile endeavor and are at present supporting 14 children. We are asked to offer prayers for this project and the people involved. Beginning in November, these 14 youngsters and their supporters will be added to the prayers offered during services at Christ Church. Once a parish is selected, we are asked also to keep in touch with individual members in the program.

One request is that we maintain an individual sponsorship for at least three years at the above-stated rate. Participants in Christ Church’s sponsorship will be notified when it is time to renew their contribution.
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Chinese Auction at Christ Church
Saturday, November 4
  • Doors Open at 6 p.m.
  • Admission: $3.00 (complimentary refreshment included)
  • Snack bar offering beverages, hot dogs and other snack foods

We still need donations of:

  • Items for food and liquor baskets
  • Gift items for the various raffles, including the kids section

Volunteers are still needed for:

  • Setting up
  • Helping out on the night of the auction
An hour of your time would be GREATLY appreciated. Please speak to Alleida Mitchell or any member of the Fund Raising Committee if you’d like to help out. paragraph ending graphic
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St. Nick's Holiday Fair at Christ Church
Saturday, December 2nd
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Christmas Village in the Parish Hall
  • Game arcade for your young visitors
  • A photo with St. Nicholas – children AND their family
  • Lunch Room and Afternoon Tea
  • Story Telling by Babaloo (professional story teller, Robert Basey)
  • Vendors

              …and much, much more

Lunch Menu is baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and green salad, along with complimentary coffee and pastry: $10

Soup and bread along with complimentary coffee and pastry: $5

The food will be prepared by our own Nick Lettiere. paragraph ending graphic
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We Gather Together

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Thanksgiving Service at Christ Church on Thursday, November 23 at 10 a.m. paragraph ending graphic

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Christ Church Holly Ball
on Saturday, December 9th

Time to dust off those dancing shoes, get out your party duds and prepare to enjoy one of the most delightful holiday celebrations at Christ Church: the annual Holly Ball Dinner Dance.

Our honorary chairpersons this year are three hard-working and long-time Christ Church parishioners: Margaret Harris, Martha Keucher and Colin Reed. Over the years they’ve each shared generously of their time and talents for the benefit of Christ Church – now it’s their turn to be recognized and honored by their friends and fellow parishioners.

The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the Vestry and Guild Rooms. Then it’s on to the auditorium for an evening of dining and dancing.

Invitations will be mailed out this month and we hope that you’ll be able to attend – and that you’ll give some thought to taking an entire table and asking your friends to join us as well.

We will also be publishing our Holly Ball Memorial Journal, a place where local merchants and friends have an opportunity to place an ad with their congratulatory message to the honorees. A copy of the Journal ad form has been enclosed in this issue of the Tower Chimes; additional forms are available in the parish office, the Guild Room and at the entrance to the church.

The Holly Ball is one of the most wonderful ways to kick off the holiday season. It’s an evening that you’ll never forget! paragraph ending graphic
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On Eagle's Wings!
Mark Hewitt, Eagle Scout.
Mark Hewitt, Eagle Scout.

Congratulations to our own Mark Hewitt, who has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest advancement rank in the Boy Scouts of America.

For those of you who are not familiar with scouting, this is no small feat and involves several years of hard work and dedication to earn this rank. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so.

To earn the Eagle Scout rank a scout must fulfill requirements in the areas of leadership, service and outdoor skills, and must pass specific tests that are organized by requirements and merit badges. These badges signify the mastery of certain Scoutcraft skills, as well as helping boys increase their skill in an area of personal interest. Of the 120 merit badges available, 21 must be earned to qualify for Eagle Scout.

Mark is in good company with many noteworthy Eagle Scouts, including former Olympian Willie Banks; former U.S senator, Bill Bradley; Apollo astronaut, James A Lovell, Jr.; Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld; and The Honorable Gerald R. Ford, 38th president of the United States.

Mark shares this honor with other young men in our parish family as well, including David Reiersen, Andrew Schneider and Ted Schneider. His mother, Charlotte, has been one of his biggest supporters, and has worked with him to attain this goal; she was also instrumental in helping Andrew and Ted in the completion of their requirements as well.

Congratulations Mark, and to all of our Eagle Scouts. We are extremely proud of all of you! paragraph ending graphic

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Father Howell's Installation on
Saturday, November 18th

Most joyful news! We have just been advised by the Diocese that Bishop Sisk will be coming to Christ Church on Saturday, November 18 to officiate at Fr. Howell’s installation.

The service is scheduled to take place at 10:30 a.m., and a reception is scheduled to follow in the Parish Hall immediately after the service.

You will be hearing more about the service as the details unfold; however, please be sure to mark your calendars NOW and plan to attend this most wonderful event in the life of our parish. paragraph ending graphic

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