The Rev. Trevor R. Babb+
Rector of Christ Church New Brighton

The Rev. Trevor R. Babb+,  Rector of Christ Church New Brighton

Fr. Trevor is a national of Barbados with an employment and educational background in the areas of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, and Human Resource Management.

Prior to entering theological seminary, he was employed by Intel Barbados, Ltd. for over nine years, six of which were in Human Resource Management. Fr. Trevor entered The University of the West Indies and Codrington Theological College, Barbados in 1986. He graduated in 1989 with an Honors Degree in Theology and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. He has also participated in several continuing education seminars and workshops including Congregational Conflict and Resolutions, Anti-Racism Training, Real Collaboration, Stewardship and Evangelism, Pastoral Care for Urban Centers, New Visions Initiative and Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader.

In the spring of 1992, Fr. Trevor immigrated to the United States and settled in Springfield Massachusetts, where he was received as a priest in the Episcopal Church, USA in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. He and his family became U. S. citizens in December 2000. In May 2004 Fr. Trevor graduated from Yale Divinity School with a Master’s Degree in Sacred Theology.

Fr. Trevor is currently canonically resident in the Diocese of Southern Ohio and served as the second Rector of St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church, Lincoln Heights, Ohio until December 31, 2016. He currently serves on several community boards/committees in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and surrounding municipalities as well as is the Mid-West Regional Director for the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) – an organization committed to eradicating racism from the church and providing leadership development for clergy and lay persons in the African diaspora.

Fr. Trevor and his wife, Marcella, have two children – a daughter, Treva (currently residing in Japan) and a son, Trent, who graduated from Denison University in May 2017 with a Political Science Degree. They are the proud grand-parents of two lovely grand-daughters, LeiLani and Gabrielle Phillips.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith, Verger

Stephanie Skinner
Parish Secretary

Who will be our next Parish Secretary?

The Rev. Anthony Lamourt
Music Director and Organist

The Rev.Anthony Mark Lamourt

Andrea Morse-Raff
Parish Counsel

Andrea Morse-Raff, Parish Counsel

Beth McLean
Financial Secretary

Beth McLean, Financial Secretary

Brian Basso

Brian Basso, Treasurer
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Lisa Rhoades
Rite 13/Journey to Adulthood Coordinator

Lisa Rhoades, Rite 13/Journey to Adulthood Coordinator

David Nygard
Godly Play Coordinator

David Nybard, Godly Play Coordinator

David Michael Wood
Aktar Guild Directress

David Michael Wood, Altar Guild Direstress

Jana Ballard
Community Youth Choir Director

Jana Ballard, Community Youth Choir Director

Kristin Reiersen-Parrish
Assistant Community Youth Choir Director

Kristin Reiersen-Parrish, Assistant Community Youth Choir Director

Victoriano Villegas

Who will be our next organist/chiormater?
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Rich Whaley
Plant & Equipment Chairman

Rich Whaley, Plant & Equipment Chairman

Bill Sherman

Bill Sherman,

Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler,
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Anne Devlin
Vestry, 2017-2019

Anne Devlin, Vestry 2017-2019

Bill Keck
Vestry, 2017-2019

Bill Keck, Vestry 2017-2019

Kristin Parrish
Vestry, 2017-2019

Kristin Parrish, Vestry 2017-2019

Robert Long
Vestry, 2017-2019

Robert Long, Vestry 2018-2020

John Edwards
Vestry, 2018-2020

John Edwards, Vestry 2017-2019

Roxanne Ingoe
Vestry, 2018-2020

Roxanne Ingoe, Vestry 2017-2019
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Alleida Mitchell
Vestry, 2018-2020

Alleida Mitchell, Vestry 2017-2019

Sheila Hewitt
Vestry, 2018-2020

Sheila Hewitt, Vestry 2018-2020

Eva-Marie Black
Vestry, 2019-2021

Eva-Marie Black, Vestry, 2019-2021

Kathy Galvez
Vestry, 2019-2021

Kathy Galvez, Vestry, 2019-2021

Shelley Gayford
Vestry, 2019-2021

Shelley Gayford, Vestry, 2019-2021

Mary Larimer
Vestry, 2019-2021

Mary Larimer, Vestry, 2019-2021

Christ Church Rectors

Pierre Paris Irving ⇩
Rector, 1849-1875

Pierre Paris Irving

George Dowdall Johnson ⇩
Rector, 1875-1901

George Dowdall Johnson

Frank Warfield Crowder ⇩
Rector, 1901-1910

Frank Warfield Crowder

Duncan Hodge Browne ⇩
Rector, 1910-1921

Duncan Hodge Browne

Charles William Forster ⇩
Rector, 1922-1940

Charles William Forster

Andrew Clifford Long ⇩
Rector, 1941-1965

Andrew Clifford Long
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Richard James Bauer ⇩
Assisting Priest

Richard James Bauer

Frederick Pierre Lefebvre ⇩
Rector, 1966-1982

Frederick Pierre Lefebvre

John Howard Walsted ⇩
Rector, 1982-1993

John Howard Walsted

James Manning ⇩
Assisting Priest

James Manning

Richard Kemmler ⇩

Richard Kemmler

Frank Burton ⇩

Frank Burton
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Earl Michael Allen ⇩
Rector, 1994-2002

E. Michael Allen

Clarke French ⇩

Clarke French

Charles H. Howell ⇩
Rector, 2007-2015

John Howard Walsted

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