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Stained Glass Tour

We have been blessed here at Christ Church to be the custodians of stained glass windows that are, in every sense of the term, priceless works of art. There are several Tiffany windows, windows by the Charles Lamb Studio, D'Ascenzio, and Mr. Thomas W. Harland. We also have two interior windows that were designed by Mr. Richard Evans Wolff.

Please click here to open the Stained Glass Windows of Christ Church tour booklet. An Adobe ,pdf file will open in a separate window. Print this document and bring it with you when you visit Christ Church, or you can read it in the comfort of your home. The document has many high-resolution pictures of the windows, so it may take some time to download depending upon your connection speed. It's well worth the wait if you are a stained glass aficionado.


as adopted December 11, 1989



          Section 1.        Date and Place of meetings.  The annual election of this Parish Corporation shall be held on the fourth Sunday in January in each year, at an hour on said Sunday in each year, at an hour on said Sunday and at a place to be fixed by the Vestry, and special meetings of the Parish Corporation may be held on any day and at any hour thereof and at a place fixed by the Vestry in the County of Richmond.

            Section 2.        Notice of Meetings.  Notice of such annual election or special meetings shall be read by the Rector, or if there be none, or the rector be absent, by the officiating minister or by the senior church warden or junior church warden, in that order, of the Parish, on each of the two Sundays next preceding such election or special meeting, in the time of divine service, or if, for any reason, the usual place of worship of the Parish be not open for divine service, the notice shall be posted conspicuously on the outer door, of the place of worship for two weeks next preceding the election or special meeting.  Such notice shall specify the place, day and hour of holding the election or special meeting.  The notice of the annual election shall also specify the name and term of office of each church warden and vestryperson whose term of office shall then expire, or whose office shall then be vacant for any cause, and the office for which each such officer is to be then elected.  The notice of a special meeting shall specify the matter or question to be brought before such meeting and no matter or question not specified in such notice shall be acted upon at such meeting.

            Section 3.  Presiding Officer.  The presiding officer of annual elections and special meetings of the Parish Corporation shall be the Rector, if there be one, or if there be none, or the Rector be absent, the senor church warden, or if the senior warden be absent, then the junior church warden, or if no warden be present, a Vestryperson elected for the purpose by a majority of the duly qualified voters present.  Such presiding officer shall be the judge of the qualifications of the voters; shall receive the votes caste; and shall declare the result of the votes cast.  The presiding officer of such annual meeting or special meeting shall enter the proceedings of the meeting in the book of the minutes of the Vestry, sign it and offer the same to as many qualified voters present as thought fit, to be also signed by them.

            Section 4.        Qualified voters.  All persons eighteen years of age or older belonging to the Parish, who have been baptized and are regular attendants at its worship and contributors to its support for at least twelve months prior to an annual election or a special meeting of the Parish Corporation at which they are in attendance, shall be qualified voters thereat.

            Section 5.  Voting.  The action of an annual or special meeting upon any matter or question shall be decided by a majority of the qualified voters voting thereon, but no votes may be cast by proxy.  The polls of an election shall continue open for one hour, and longer in the discretion of the presiding officer or if required by a vote of a majority of the qualified voters present and voting.




Section 1.  Powers and Duties.  The Vestry, as the board of trustees of the Parish Corporation, shall consist of the Rector, church wardens and vestrypersons and shall have the custody and control of all the temporalities and property, real and personal belonging to the Parish Corporation and of the revenues therefrom, and shall administer the same in accordance with the discipline, rules and usages of such Corporation and of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of New York thereof, and in accordance with the provisions of the law relating thereto, for the support and maintenance of the Parish Corporation or, providing the members of the Parish Corporation at a meeting thereof shall so authorize, of some religious, charitable, benevolent or educational object conducted by the Parish Corporation or in it, or by the said Episcopal Church generally or in connection with it, and the Vestry shall not use such property or revenues for any other purpose or divert the same from such uses.

Section 2.  Number, Qualifications and Terms.  The Parish shall have two church wardens and twelve vestrypersons to be elected by ballot from persons qualified to vote in the election at which such officers are to be chosen, but no person shall be eligible for election as church warden, unless also a communicant in the Episcopal Church, nor be eligible for election as vestryperson unless baptized.  At each annual election held as by Article I hereof provided, one church warden shall be elected to serve for a term of two years and four vestrypersons shall be elected each to serve for a term of three years, and until their respective successors are chosen.  If, prior to an annual Parish Corporation election, a vacancy shall have occurred in the office of church warden or of vestryperson by reason of death, or the resignation or removal therefrom, of any person elected, as here-in-before provided, to such office, and there shall remain unexpired a the time of such annual election at least one year of the term for which such person was so elected, the unexpired portion of the term then remaining shall be filled at such annual election.

Section 3.   Vacancies.  The Vestry, by majority vote of the remaining membership, if there be a quorum in office, may, at any meeting thereof, fill a vacancy occurring in the office of a church warden or vestryperson by death, resignation or otherwise than by expiration of term, until the next annual Parish Corporation election, at which, if such vacancy would continue thereafter, it shall be filled, as here-in-before provided, for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Section 4.  Limitation of Terms.  Any person, the term of whose office as vestryperson is about to expire on the date of any annual Parish Corporation election then to be held and who shall have served in such capacity continuously for a period of three years immediately preceding such annual election, shall be  ineligible to hold said office of vestryperson for one year next after that term of service, as aforesaid, shall have expired, and any person, whose term of office as church warden is about to expire on the date of any annual Parish Corporation election then to be held and who shall have served in such last mentioned capacity continuously for a period of two years immediately preceding such annual election, shall be ineligible to hold said office of church warden, or the office of vestryperson, for one year after that term of service as church warden, as aforesaid, shall have expired.

Section 5.  Meetings and Notices. Regular meetings of the Vestry shall be held for the transaction of the usual matters of the Parish business and special meetings may be held whenever required for the transaction of special matters of business, provided, however, that no meeting of the Verstry, whether regular or special, shall be held unless either all of the members of the Vestry or present, or three days’ notice of the meeting shall have been given to each member thereof, by the Rector, in writing, either personally or by mail, or, if there be no Rector or the Rector be incapable of acting, by one of the church wardens; except that twenty-four hours’ notice of the first meeting of the Vestry after an annual election of the Parish Corporation shall be sufficient if the meeting is held within three days after the election.  In the event of the Rector refusing or neglecting to call a meeting of the Vestry, the Clerk of the Vestry, on the written request of at least two-thirds of tall the church wardens and vestrypersons of the Parish, shall call a meeting of the Vestry by giving at least days written notice to be served on each member of the Vestry personally, and if personal service cannot be had, then upon such member by mailing the notice to his last know place of residence.

Section 6.  Presiding Officer and Votes.  The presiding officer of the Vestry shall be the Rector, or if there be none, or the Rector be absent, the Senior Warden shall be the presiding officer.  If there be no Senior Warden, or said warden be absent, then the Junior Warden shall be the presiding officer.  At each meeting of the Vestry each member thereof shall be entitle to one vote.  There shall be no voting by proxy.  Except as otherwise provided by law, or by these by-laws, all actions of the Vestry shall be decided by a majority of the members present, provided there is a quorum.

Section 7.        (a) Quorum.  In order that any business may be transacted at a meeting of the Vestry, there must be a quorum constituted as follows:

  1. The Rector and at least a majority of the whole number of church wardens and vestrypersons shall be present, or 
  2. If the Rector be absent, or if there be no Rector, one church warden and one more than a majority of the vestrypersons or both church wardens and a majority of the vestrypersons shall be present.
  3. If the Rector be absent from the diocese and shall have been so absent for over a four months, or if the meeting be called by the Rector and the Rector be absent or incapable of acting thereat, one Warden and a majority of the Vestry Members shall be present.

(b)       Adjournment for Lack of Quorum.  In the absence of a quorum at a meeting of the Vestry the members present by a majority vote and without notice other than by announcement at the meeting may adjourn the meeting from time to time until a quorum shall be in attendance.  The Clerk of the Vestry shall mail notice of the adjournment at least three days before the date of the adjourned meeting to each member who is absent from the meeting adjourned.

Section 8.  Corporate Instruments.  All deeds, contracts and other instruments of the parish corporation shall be executed under and by direction of the Vestry in the corporate name of the parish and shall be signed by such officer or officers as may be specified by the Vestry and in a proper case, sealed with the corporate seal attested by the Clerk of the Vestry.

Section 9.  Restrictions on Incurring Financial Obligations.  No obligations  or bills shall be contracted for the parish corporation, nor commitments of any kind be made or entered into on its behalf, nor disbursements be made, involving a liability or expenditure exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, by anyone purporting to represent the Corporation in an official capacity or otherwise, except as specifically directed or approved by the Vestry in advance, or as specifically provided for as regularly accruing and recurring item of expense in a budget duly adopted by the Vestry and currently in affect. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case of emergency and it be impossible or inexpedient to call a meeting of the Vestry, a commitment may be entered into, or an indebtedness may be incurred, or a payment may be made, even though not so authorized for an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars, upon the approval of the Treasurer, or if the Treasurer be incapacitated or absent, of an Assistant Treasurer if there be one, and the concurrence of two church wardens; or if one of the church wardens be incapacitated or absent, then of the other church warden and one vestryperson; or if both church wardens be incapacitated or absent, then of any two vestryperson.  A report of any transaction consummated pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be made at the next succeeding meeting of the Vestry.
Section 10.  Restrictions on Powers.  The Vestry shall not take any measure to effect the sale, mortgage, lease, or other disposition, of the property of the Parish Corporation, or the sale or disposition of the capital or principal of the personal property of the corporation, unless the Rector,  if the parish then; have one, be present.  Further, the Vestry shall not make application to any Court for leave to sell or mortgage the parish corporation’s real property (as in such cases by law required) without the consent of the Bishop of the Diocese of New York and of the Standing Committee thereof, nor shall the Vestry execute and deliver a lease of the parish corporation real property for a term exceeding five years without similar consent of the said Bishop and Standing Committee, provided, however, that if the see be vacant or the Bishop be absent or unable to act, the consent of the Standing Committee with their certificate of the vacancy of the see or of the absence or disability of the Bishop shall suffice.

Section 11.  Investment of Funds.  Subject to the limitations and conditions contained in any gift, devise or bequest, the Vestry may invest the funds of the parish corporation in such securities, investments or other property, real or personal, located within or without the State of New York, as to it shall seem advisable without being restricted to those classes of securities which are lawful for the investment of trust funds under the laws of the State of New York.




Section 1.  Election of Clerk.  At the first meeting of the members of the Vestry, after each annual Parish Corporation election, a Clerk of the Vestry shall be elected from among their number to serve for one year and until a successor is elected.

Section 2.  Duties of Clerk.  The Clerk of the Vestry shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Vestry, shall attest the minutes thereof and all corporate acts, shall preserve and have charge of all papers and books (other than those of a fiscal character) and of the seal of the Parish Corporation, and shall deliver the same to the succeeding Clerk, or if circumstances render it necessary, to the Rector, or, if there be none, to the church wardens.  The Clerk of the Vestry, or, if the Clerk be absent, the senior or junior warden, shall sign, in his official capacity and in the name of and on behalf of the Parish Corporation, such contracts, certificates, letters, communications and other documents and instruments as from time to time may be specifically directed by the Vestry.


Section 3.  Election of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.  At the first meeting of the Vestry after each annual Parish Corporation election, it shall elect a Treasurer, and may in its discretion, elect an Assistant Treasurer or assistant treasurers, one of whom need be members of the Vestry, to serve for one year and until their respective successors are elected. 

Section 4.  Duties of Treasurer. 

  1.  Money and Securities.  The Treasurer shall receive and keep all moneys paid for the purposes of the Parish Corporation.  These monies shall be deposited in the name of the Corporation in the bank or banks, trust company or trust companies, or other depository or depositories, which the Vestry shall from time to time designate.  Except as otherwise provided in the by-laws or by resolution of the Vestry, the Treasurer shall sign checks and drafts in connection with both the receipt and payment of money and on the order of the Vestry shall sign or countersign, as may be directed, promissory notes, legal instruments or other papers.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit and safekeeping in banks, trust companies or other depositories, designated by the Vestry, of all permanent funds and all securities owned or held in trust by the Parish Corporation but only such institutions shall be so designated as are Federal or new York State banks or Diocesan Corporations and as shall agree in writing, on behalf of themselves as well as any nominee or nominees of theirs, to be responsible for the safe return of the securities received, upon written demand made therefore signed by any two of the following: one of whom must be either the Treasurer or one of the wardens and the other of whom may be the Treasurer, one of the wardens or one of the assistant treasurers.  Further, the Treasurer shall make and keep records of all trust and permanent funds showing at least the following:
  1. Source and date

(ii)        Terms governing the use of principal and income
(iii)   To whom and how often reports of condition are to be made

  1. How the funds are invested.
  1. Insurance Coverage.  The Treasurer shall keep the Parish Corporation’s buildings, together with the contents thereof, insured against fire and other customary hazards and shall take out public liability insurance on the Parish Corporation’s premises and on its motor vehicles, if any, and shall secure and maintain such other kinds of insurance as from time to time may be reasonably required, provided that the Vestry shall determine the kinds and amounts of insurance to be obtained and the Vestry shall further determine any deductible amounts to which such policies shall be subject that are in the Vestry’s judgment reasonable in consideration of all circumstances.
  1. Reports.  At each regular meeting of the Vestry, and at such other times as it may request, the Treasurer shall present a written state of all moneys received and expended and of such other data as may be deemed pertinent or essential to a showing of the then current financial condition of the Parish Corporation.  At the end of each calendar year the Treasurer shall prepare an annual report for said year and present the same to the Vestry at the next ensuing annual election of the Parish Corporation.  At the termination of service as such, the Treasurer shall deliver into the hands of the succeeding Treasurer, or of the church wardens, all moneys, books, papers or other property of the Parish Corporation then in the Treasurer’s hands or possession.
  1. Assistant Treasurer.  If an Assistant Treasurer or assistant treasurers shall have been elected as by these by-laws permitted, as may be assigned from time to time by the Vestry, or by the Treasurer with the Vestry’s approval, and during the Treasurer’s absence or disability, full powers and duties shall devolve upon the Assistant Treasurer, as selected by the Vestry.

Section 5.  Surety Bond.  The Treasurer shall be required to give a good and satisfactory surety bond or bonds for the faithful performance of duties as such in an amount to be determined by the Vestry.  Likewise, when specifically required by the Vestry, and in any event where the funds to be handled at any one time during the calendar year exceed five hundred dollars, the Assistant Treasurer, if one be elected, shall give a similar bond or bonds for the faithful performance of duties as such in an amount to be determined by the Vestry.  The expense incurred in procuring any such bond or bonds shall be borne by the Parish Corporation.  The requirement of this section may be waived by the Vestry if in its judgement the fidelity insurance coverage, if any, of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurerin the church’s insurance policies is sufficient.

Section 6.  Audit.  As soon as conveniently may be done at the end of each calendar year and prior to the next ensuing annual election of the Parish Corporation, the Treasurer’s books and accounts for such year shall be audited by a Certified or Independent Public Accountant, or by such Accounting agency as shall be permitted by the Vestry, and a report thereof rendered to the Finance Committee of the Vestry.  If between annual elections, a vacancy shall occur in the office of Treasurer, a like audit shall be made for the period beginning with the date as of which an audit was last previously concluded and ending with the date that such vacancy occurred, and a report thereof rendered to the Vestry.

Section 7.  Counsel.  The Vestry may, in its discretion, appoint a member of the bar of the State of New York as counsel to the Parish Corporation who shall be the legal advisor of the Vestry in all matters affecting the corporate status of the Parish and the management of its temporal affairs.  Counsel need not be a member of the Vestry.

Section 8.  Resignation and Removal.  The Clerk of the Vestry, the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and the Counsel to the Parish Corporation may resign at any time by giving written notice, personally or by mail, to the Clerk of the Vestry, except that the Clerk of the Vestry shall give notice of resignation to the Rector.  Unless otherwise specified in the notice, such resignation shall take effect upon delivery or mailing thereof as herein provided.  Any such officer or Counsel may be removed with or without cause at any time by two-thirds vote of the Vestry.  Upon resignation or removal such officer or Counsel shall forthwith deliver to the Rector all records and documents belonging to the Parish Corporation, including but not limited to the corporate securities, money, bank books or records and vouchers.




            Section 1.  Standing Committees.  There shall be the following Standing Committees: Nominating Committee, Plant and Equipment Committee and Finance Committee.  The Rector shall be ex officio a member of each standing committee.

    1. Appointment and Term.  Unless otherwise ordered by the Vestry appointments to standing committees shall be made by the Rector, subject to approval of the Vestry, and vacancies thereon may be filled in like manner.  Membership on standing committees shall terminate at the time of the first meeting of the Vestry held after the annual Parish Corporation election in January of each year or as soon thereafter as new members shall have been appointed and approved by the Vestry.  Chairpersons of standing committees shall be designated by the Rector subject to approval of the Vestry.
    2. Resignation and removal.  Any member of a standing committee may resign at any time by giving written notice, personally or by mail, to the chairperson of the committee, to the Rector or to the Clerk of the Vestry.  Unless otherwise specified in the notice, such resignation shall take effect upon delivery or mailing thereof as herein provided.  A member of a standing committee may be removed by majority vote of the Vestry.
    3. Duties.  It shall be the duty of each standing committee to make such reports as from time to time may be requested by the Rector or ordered by the Vestry.  In addition to the respective duties assigned to standing committees by these by-laws, each committee shall perform such other duties in connection with the subject matter over which it has jurisdiction as from time to time may be ordered by the Vestry.

Section 2.  Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than five members who duty it shall be to nominate candidates for vestrypersons and church warden to be elected at the next ensuing annual election, and to report the names thereof to the Rector, or if there be none, or the Rector be absent, to the senior church warden or junior church warden, in that order, in sufficient time to be read or posted with the notice of annual elections as provided in Section 2 of Article I of the by-laws.  Additional nominations may be made by any qualified voter up to the time of closing the polls at an annual election.

            Section 3.  Plant and Equipment Committee.  The Plant and Equipment Committee shall be charged with the maintenance and upkeep of the Parish Corporation’s land and buildings, together with the heating and lighting systems, the organ, and all other equipment, fixtures, furniture and furnishings used in connection with the corporation’s property.  It shall make repairs thereto within the monetary limits fixed by Article I, Section 9 of the by-laws or otherwise authorized by the Vestry and recommend to the Vestry such additional repairs and capital improvements as it may consider necessary or desirable.  When requested by the Vestry it shall determine the estimated cost of proposed repairs and capital improvements and solicit bids or contracts therefor.

            Section 4.  Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee shall oversee the financial affairs of the Parish Corporation and advise and consult with the Vestry as to fiscal policies.  It shall prepare and submit to the Vestry an annual budget in accordance with Article VI of the by-laws and from time to time may be necessary or desirable.   It shall explore and make proposed major repairs, capital improvements and other proposed undertakings of the corporation.

            Section 5.  Other Standing or Special Committees.  The Vestry may from time to time create or provide for other standing or special committees which shall have such purposes, functions, duties and authority as the vestry may determine.  The provisions of these by-laws with respect to resignation or removal of members of standing committees shall apply to such other committees.




            Section 1.  Filling Vacancies.  Vacancies from any causes whatsoever in the office of Clerk of the Vestry, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or Counsel, occurring during the term for which such election or appointment was originally made, may be filled by the Vestry, by a majority vote, at any regular or special meeting thereof.

            ARTICLE VI.


            Section 1.  Preparation and Adoption.  The Finance Committee shall prepare and submit to the Vestry, by a date in the then current calendar year fixed by the Vestry and subsequent to October 30th of that year, an itemized statement of anticipated receipts and expenditures of the Parish for corporate purposes for the year beginning January 1st next ensuing, which statement, as so submitted, shall be subject to revision by the vestry.  Upon said statement having been adopted by the Vestry, either in revised or unrevised form, it shall become the tentative budget of Parish Corporation expenditures for the said calendar year ensuing.  Thereafter, and following the annual solicitation of subscriptions to the Parish Corporation from persons desiring to contribute to its support for the said ensuing year, the Vestry, at a meeting held not later than the last day of December of the then current year, shall adopt in final and complete form a budget of anticipated income and expenditures for the year beginning January first next ensuing.


Section 2.  Revisions.  The budget as so adopted in final and complete form shall control the operations of the Parish Corporation during the calendar year for which it was adopted, subject to the direction and control of the Vestry.  The Vestry may revise and re-adopt the budget at any time or times during such year for reasons deemed sufficient by an affirmative vote of not less than a majority of the Vestry membership.



            Section 1.  Good Faith and Diligence:  Members of the Vestry and officers of the Parish Corporation shall discharge the duties of their respective positions in good faith and with that degree of diligence; care and skill with ordinarily prudent persons would exercise under similar circumstances in like positions.

            Section 2.  Reliance Upon Financial Statements:  In discharging their duties the members of the Vestry and officers of the Parish Corporation, when acting in good faith, may rely upon financial statements of the Corporation represented to them to be correct by the Treasurer or other officer of the Corporation having charge of its books of accounts, or stated in a written report by an independent public or Certified Public Accountant or firm of such accountants fairly to reflect the financial condition of the Corporation.




            Section 1.  Any safe deposit companies to be used shall be designated by the Vestry and the terms of rental of any vault space shall limit access thereto to any two, but not less than two persons, one of whom shall be a warden and the other the treasurer or an assistant treasurer.




            Section 1.  Form of Seal.  The corporate seal of the Parish Corporation shall be in the form impressed upon the margin opposite this Article IX.  to wit:  Two concentric circles, the outer containing the words, Christ Church New Brighton and the inner the words and figures, “Incorporated” – 1849, Richmond County, New York.







            Section 1.  Order of Procedure.  Subject to change at the discretion of the Rector, theorder of proceeding at all meetings of the Vestry shall be as follows:

  1. Call to order
  2. Prayer
  3. Determination of Quorum
  4. Selection of presiding officer if Rector be absent.
  5. Approval of minutes
  6. Report of Treasurer
  7. Report of Clerk of the Vestry
  8. Report of Standing Committees
  9. Report of Special Committees
  10. Communications from Rector
  11. Unfinished business
  12. New business
  13. Adjournment


Section 2.  Roberts Rules of Order.  As to matters not covered by these by-laws Roberts Rules of Order shall govern at Vestry meetings.




            Section 1.  Notice and Procedure.  Subject to the limitations in Section 2 of this Article, these by-laws may be amended or new by-laws adopted by the Vestry at any meeting thereof at which a quorum is present by the vote of at least two-thirds of the members present, provided that written notice embodying such proposed amendments or new by-laws shall have been openly given at a previous meeting of the Vestry and also in the notice of the meeting at which such proposed amendments or new by-laws are to be acted upon.

            Section 2.  Limitations on Amendments by the Vestry.  Pursuant to the Religious Corporations Law of the State of New York the Vestry has power only of recommendation over changes in the date of the annual election, in the number of vestrypersons and in the manner of electing wardens and vestrypersons.  Any recommendations by the Vestry for such changes shall take effect only if ratified at the next ensuing annual election of the parish or at a special meeting of the parish held as provided in such law.

            Section 3.  Parish Copy of By-Laws.  A copy of these by-laws shall be kept permanently on file in the parish office and it shall be the duty of the Clerk of the Vestry to record thereon any changes, additions or deletions made by amendment thereto concurrently with the adoption of such amendment.



Let's face it: anyone these days can enter an address into Google and get complete printed directions to that location from just about anywhere on Earth. But what if you're not from Earth and you're planning a visit to Christ Church? It may seem like a dumb question, but if you don't do it correctly, the consequences could be quite bad.

Follow your specific coordinate system towards the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a sister to the Andromeda Galaxy, though you may have different local names for each. You'll find us in one of the outer edges of the spiral arms. I can't say exactly which arm, as it depends on when you are planning your trip and from which direction you are making your approach (see map, right).

Locate the solar system with eight planets and one or more ex-planets (chances are good that we're the only one available). Our star, which we call "the sun" or sometimes "Sol," is a normal main-sequence G2 star and therefore may be hard to distinguish from the others. Again, there are eight planets circling it and several ex-planets (sorry, Pluto) and a belt of asteroids between the third and fourth planets that may have been a planet at one time but is now simply a storage area for what we colloquially call "fiery death objects in the sky." We are the third planet out from the star. We call ourselves "Earth" although to the rest of the universe we may have some different name that we are not privy to (such as "The Idiot Planet" or 'The Planet Where Everyone Hates Each Other and Can't Seem to Live Together in Peace" or something along those lines). We have rather a thick atmosphere consisting mostly of nitrogen gas and oxygen, which as you know in it's pure state is actually quite corrosive. Anyway, make your initial approach to our atmosphere as best suits your particular craft; too steep and you become one of those "fiery death objects in our sky," too shallow and you'll bounce off into space and have to start over again. We have found that in our own (admittedly primitive) space vehicles, that an entry angle of about 6.5 degrees is usually safe.

As you enter our atmosphere the first thing you'll notice is that the surface of our planet is mostly blue. This is due to large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide molecules settling in the lowest points. Only the high points of our planet poke through the dihydrogen monoxide, although once you become familiar with our planet you may not agree that these are the "high points" of the planet (that's a local joke that only we earthlings are likely to appreciate). Christ Church is located on one of the land masses known as North America, in the upper right corner, near an island that looks like a rotting fish, on an island that smells like a rotting fish (parts of it at least) known as Staten Island. (A "fish" is an earth creature that keeps itself confined mostly to the dihydrogen monoxide layer. When it leaves that layer it usually ceases to live and therefore begins to rot and give off a foul odor. If it doesn't die, it usually means that it has evolved into a higher life form, such as a lizard or a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, although as Christians I'm not sure if we're supposed to believe in that or not. For a complete discussion on the beliefs and rubrics of being an Anglican Catholic, please contact our Rector, above). Once you have located the land mass known as Staten Island, you can follow one of the direction sets above.